2018 Training Sessions – Monday May 7th

“The Top Do’s and Don’ts for Influencing the Connected Shopper”

Bob Wong

VP of Business Development and Sales, Learning Evolution

Remember the simpler days?  When the marketing team would hire an ad agency to create television commercials and perhaps some radio spots, which got blasted out as a one-size-fits-all campaign?

Today’s world, as you well know, is not like that… it’s much more complex, fast-paced and competitive.  The power of choice has shifted to shoppers and empowered them to be much savvier when it comes to buying products and services they want, when they want and under what conditions they are willing to spend.

This session has been designed to help you…

  • Understand how to leverage data to assess situations
  • Consider what the connected shopper is thinking and/or doing
  • Identify meaningful ideas to drive the business
  • Improve your ability to influence the connected shopper

“Get Clarity on Your Shopper with Data, Tools, Strategy & Processes, and PEOPLE!”

Sue Nicholls

President, Category Management Knowledge Group

In this session, Sue will compare the difference between Shopper data and Shopper insights, and provide a some quick case study examples to highlight why Shopper perspective is so critical in today’s catman world.  She will give examples of ways to incorporate the Shopper into the category management foundations and the analytic pathway to ensure that Shopper is considered in every step of the assessment and ultimately, in the category plan.

“Integrating E-commerce Category Management into your Work”

Tom McDonald

30 years with P&G and Best Practices Team Lead for CMA/SIMA

We now have more data to analyze than ever before in our industry. The plethora of ecommerce data has made the category analyst job more difficult. This session will focus on how to begin the process of combing ecommerce into your brick and mortar category management