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The SIMA, a Professional Association, exists to help its members drive meaningful basket and brand growth and improved shopper experience at all touchpoints by furthering the understanding and implementation of the shopper insights and marketing discipline, especially as it relates to Category Management.

Category Re-invention

= Integrating Shopper and Consumer Insights and Shopper Marketing

  • Provides broad thought leadership

  • Establishes industry standards, benchmarks and best practices

  • Develops relevant certification/continuing education/collegiate curriculum

  • Facilitates collaboration and networking

  • Creates robust and rewarding career paths and professional development

The CMA’s Integrated Path to Purchase

We investigate the shopper journey across the entire path-to-purchase

The Shopper’s Journey… winning from planning through purchase

Why is the shopper’s journey so critical to understand?  Because it is the basis for, and the intersection of, good Shopper Marketing strategy and exemplary CatMan practices.

Understanding shoppers’ behaviors, attitudes and challenges from pre-store, to in-store and point-of-purchase and then post-shop identifies critical insights that drive growth at every level—products, brands, categories, and total shopper baskets.

These shopper insights provide the inputs that allow manufacturers and retailers to:

  • Conduct gap analysis to understand where they are winning—and losing—with shoppers across key metrics such as product packaging, product offer, shopability, brand loyalty, etc.
  • Close knowledge gaps, from the most foundational understanding of shoppers’ decisions and preferences, to the more advanced deep dive into what makes shoppers life-long brand advocates
  • Drive analytics and data integration that is the foundational principle of successful CatMan programs
  • Recommend actions to internal and external clients and partners about tactics and strategies across Shopper Marketing and CatMan disciplines
  • Create and test solutions that truly resonate with shoppers to win their hearts, minds and wallets

Research Methodologies

Download detailed Research Methodologies pdf

We have launched a new association – Shopper Insight Management Association, also referred to as SIMA. More exciting news and information coming soon!