Our powerful two-day summit format maximizes engagement while minimizing time commitments

Summits are presented in an in-person two-day format:

Day 1: 1/2 day seminar with a Q&A session.  Attended by management, functional leaders and the CatMan team.  This deliverable includes a comprehensive discussion of the CatMan topic at hand to ensure a common understanding, as well as internal alignment on benefits, resource allocation, etc.

  • This powerful format maximizes engagement with management and functional leaders while minimizing their time commitment

Day 2: 1/2 day workshop.  Attended by the CatMan development team. The deliverable is a hands-on workshop to further explore the topic on hand and develop a plan/roadmap for next steps.

  • The hands-on workshop provides the CatMan team with the additional skills and tools needed to build a winning CatMan program within their organization

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