The BPBU offers qualitative and quantitative research to develop groundbreaking shopper and consumer insights and fill in knowledge gaps

Shopper marketing and consumer insights are the basis for all successful CatMan Processes.

  • Digs deep into any shopper or consumer issue along the Path-to-Purchase to understand their behaviors, attitudes and motivations

  • Provides foundational insights and addresses knowledge gaps for a best-in-class Voice of the Shopper Platform

  • Uncovers actionable insights based on consumer and shopper needs, wants and behaviors

We optimize the mix of methodologies we employ for every project

We select the optimal mix of research methodologies based on the specific needs of every project:

  • Qualitative approaches are used to explore known issues as well as uncover new issues

  • Quantitative techniques are then used to validate and quantify our qualitative learnings

We connect with consumers and shoppers in the most meaningful way


We talk to shoppers in-store to understand how the store environment affects their decisions at the moment of truth: signage, merchandising packaging, pricing, etc.

At Home

We talk to consumers at home to understand the impact of key factors on their decisions: household dynamics and need states, usage rates, storage needs, pre-planning, etc.


We talk to consumers and shoppers on-site when a central location like a focus group facility is appropriate (e.g., to meet budgeting, timing or locational challenges)


We talk to consumers and shoppers online to understand attitudes, perceptions and preferences and to validate/quantify in-store and in-home learnings
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