The Voice of the Shopper (VOS) is a comprehensive system that turns facts into insights, and insights into actions.

Its more than automation: it’s a thoughtful, analyst-driven process

  • We’re old school: we believe people know people best

  • We crunch the numbers, and then we unearth the human experience hiding within

  • Expert analysts apply the Voice of the Shopper process to build a custom system to organize and glean insights from the data that you share with your trading partners

  • Live analysts with decades of experience in CatMan drive every piece of the process to deliver the insights critical to growing your business at the shelf

VOS is the best-in-class practice for driving CatMan success.

This Powerful Platform:

  • Organizes all your data using a best practice taxonomy that addresses Who, What, Why, When, Where and How

  • Helps you discover what you don’t know

  • Reveals insights leading to profitable action in the store

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