How Will Companies Adjust as More Jobs Become Obsolete? With any form of major technological advancement, jobs are both created and destroyed. The breakneck speed of advancement in automation and artificial intelligence is no exception. We are, perhaps, on the brink of the largest meta-shift in the workforce since the industrial revolution; and transitioning the global workforce to fit the new paradigm will likely be the greatest challenge of our time. According to a recent
This year will see new competition and transactions with lasting effects on the future. Amazon Prime Day is coming next week (July 15-16) and things are really starting to heat up. Last year’s event saw over 100 million products sold in 36 hours, and this year’s event is set to be even bigger with Prime Day being extended to 48 hours. Furthermore, a recent survey found 76% of Amazon’s 100 million Prime Members were planning
Can You Guess These 7 Independence Day Food and Beverage Facts? People love a good Fourth of July celebration. Between food, family, friends and fireworks, 86% of Americans plan on celebrating this Independence Day. For the food and beverage industry, it’s been a huge couple of weeks, as people stock up for the festivities. Americans will spend nearly $7 billion this year preparing meals, snacks and drinks for their Independence Day celebrations. Do you know

Beyond Recycling

Four Sustainability Trends That Are Shaping the Future of Retail Environmental sustainability has been an important factor in customer buying decisions for years, but today, it’s weighing on their minds more than ever. A recent study by the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association found that 74% of Americans are very concerned or extremely concerned about the environment, up from 38% just 10 years ago. As Gen-Z consumers gain more buying power, the environment’s weight on buying decisions
Tyson jumps into one of grocery’s fastest-growing categories. By: Dave Hanson Tyson Foods, the world’s second largest processor of chicken, beef and pork, is entering the quickly-growing “alternative proteins” category. The move is a response to a global trend in more sustainable eating, with Barclays estimating the sales of plant-based meat alternatives to grow by up to 1,000% in the coming decade, reaching $140 billion. Tyson announced they would begin selling a plant-based alternative to