New study shows huge jump in adoption rates, Walmart numbers soar The growth of online grocery ordering has been a huge ongoing story, and last week, we found out it may be even bigger than we thought. Coresight Research released their 2019 U.S. Online Grocery Survey last Tuesday, and the study showed a massive 60% year-over-year jump in adoption rates between 2018 and 2019. Coresight’s study found 36.8% of the 1,888 internet-using adults polled, purchased

A Toast to Teamwork

Craft Brewers Boston Beer Company and Dogfish Head Announce Merger This past week, two of America’s largest independent craft brewers, Dogfish Head Brewery and Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams), announced they were brewing up a sizeable merger valued at nearly $300 million. In the deal, Dogfish Head shareholders will receive $173 million in cash and Dogfish co-founders Sam and Mariah Calagione will be receiving 406,000 shares of Boston Beer stock (NYSE: SAM), valued at nearly
Amazon makes a huge power move. How will retailers respond? Since our blog last month about the ongoing battle for the last mile in retail delivery, we’ve already seen some monumental shifts. While Google offshoot Wing gained FAA clearance in the United States and Uber announced more plans regarding their drone program, the most Earth-shaking news came from the biggest player in the game, Amazon. Last week, Amazon turned last mile delivery on its head
My Key Takeaways from the Global Retailing Conference By: Leslie Warshaw New technology-based in-store experiences are growing faster than anything we’ve ever seen before. But it seems whenever I listen to the experts in our industry talk about that technology, the key reoccurring theme is one that’s been around forever: it’s about providing personal, customer-centric experiences. These new technologies are simply acting as an enabler. We hear over and over how critical it is to

A Cooler Twist on PoP Marketing

Walgreens launches coolers with IoT-connected advertising Targeted online point-of-purchase marketing has been miles ahead of the in-store experience for years. It is simply easier to collect and utilize data when customer decision-making patterns can easily be tracked and narrowed into a finite set of options. Until recently, the in-store experience has been much more challenging. The technology to read and track the decision-making process is infinitely more complex, involving eye tracking, computer learning and agile