U.S Grocers Preparing for Lidl

German grocery giant Lidl just opened its first U.S store and boldly claimed;

“Shoppers can expect to get top quality goods and groceries at up to 50 percent less than other supermarkets in the U.S.” A very compelling offer, but how many products this discount applies to remains to be seen.

Lidl opened 10 stores on Thursday […]

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Best Buy Looks to Mobile Phones to Continue Growth

Best Buy shares recently jumped nearly 20% in one day when they announced comparable sales increased 1.6% in the past quarter. Analysts had expected a decline of 1.5 percent. One of the surprises was the increase in sales of mobile phones.

Recognizing the opportunity with smart phones, Best Buy has recently redesigned their mobile departments and […]

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2017 CMA Conference Attracts Record Number of Attendees

Another memorable CMA conference is in the record books! In fact, we had a record number of attendees this year which included a diverse mix of retailers, solution providers and manufacturers from a wide variety of industries.

The theme of this year’s conference was Bridging Traditional & Digital: Creating New Paths to Success.  Presenters from many […]

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Whole Foods looks to Category Management to Drive Growth

Intense competition for natural and organic foods has slowed sales growth at Whole Foods. Total overall revenues are up, but comparable-store sales have declined over the past year and a half, dropping 2.4% in its most recent quarter. Why? Demand for natural and organic foods has increased, but so has the competition:

  • Big box supermarkets […]
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Gordon Wade to become a Director Emeritus of the CMA

The Category Management Association (“CMA”) is honored to announce that Gordon Wade, formerly the Senior Vice President of Best Practices for the CMA, is being made a Director Emeritus of the Association.  In January of this year, Gordon elected to leave his position at the CMA to start his own consulting firm (Combined Consultants, LLC.) […]

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Online Grocery Shopping; Fad or the Future?

“Online grocery is failing,” according to Kurt Jetta, chief executive of TABS Analytics, a consumer products research firm. Only 4.5 percent of shoppers made frequent online grocery purchases in 2016, up slightly from 4.2 percent four years earlier per the firm’s annual surveys. The report also revealed a repeat purchase rate of just 15% for […]

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Consumers are Hooked on Seafood. But Will Higher Prices Make Waves?

For years, Americans have been encouraged to eat seafood more often as it’s a good source of protein, vitamins and nutrients – plus it’s low in calories and saturated fat. The health benefits are helping to drive the demand for fish at a faster pace than beef, pork and poultry.

The 6.2 percent increase in U.S. […]

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Four Lessons to Learn from Sears

Unfortunately, the collapse of Sears appears to be imminent and it may just be a matter of when. The 130-year-old retailer has posted four straight years of losses, amounting to nearly $9 billion. It has delayed the end for at least another year or two by selling off important assets and relying on 8% loans […]

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Millennials’ hunger for healthy, local brands causing indigestion for big food manufacturers

So why should we care what they eat? Well they’re now a larger group than the Baby Boom generation with numbers exceeding 75 million. In fact, Millennials (ages 18-36), now represent the largest segment of the U.S. workforce and have significant spending power.

The group has a strong appetite for high quality, natural foods and are […]

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