Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and pair wines with AI. by Dave Hanson Artificial Intelligence is opening new doors to deliver shopper insights and turn them into real-time shopper marketing solutions. Just the other week, Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and launched into a fascinating new partnership. The companies will be working together using artificial intelligence to instantly deliver appropriate wine pairings alongside the recipes for users on The partnership is an intriguing convergence
5 Burning Questions: Autonomous Vehicle Delivery by Dave Hanson This week’s blog really got us thinking. Not only about the ramifications of Kroger’s growing autonomous grocery delivery program, but about autonomous vehicles themselves. How safe are they? Are they actually legal everywhere? There are a lot of things we still wanted to know. We decided to dig a little further into these issues, and it was easy to see the source of our confusion. Laws
Kroger launches autonomous delivery in Houston. by Dave Hanson In late 2018, Kroger partnered with autonomous vehicle manufacturer Nuro to offer grocery delivery to residents of Scottsdale, AZ. Now Kroger is taking their first big step coming off the successful pilot program, expanding autonomous vehicle grocery delivery to the United States’ 4th largest city, Houston, TX. Kroger operates 102 stores in the Houston market, and has chosen its locations at 10306 South Post Oak Road
Augmented Reality in Retail: Moving From a Novelty to the Norm by Dave Hanson During Retail Prophet Doug Stephens’ opening keynote at the 2019 Category Management and Shopper Insights Conference, he spent a good bit of time talking about the monolithic force that is In one particularly interesting portion of his talk, he focused-in on threats to the retail giant’s dominance over the next decade and pointed to evolving augmented reality technologies like Magic

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The 2019 Category Management and Shopper Insights Conference Recap by Dave Hanson The 2019 Category Management and Shopper Insights Conference was a whirlwind of information, networking, entertainment and fun. The theme of this year’s show was “Integrating Insights and Analytics to Drive Growth with the Connected Shopper”, and there was a definite focus on using data to thrive in an evolving marketplace. This year was also the inaugural conference for the Shopper Insights Management Association. The