What is CatMan 2.0™?

Category management is one of the most successful business processes developed in the 20th century. It is used in one form or another globally by most manufacturers and retailers representing a variety of trade classes primarily within the consumer package goods industry.  The retail landscape has changed dramatically since the discipline of CatMan 1.0 was originally developed in the early 1990s. CatMan 2.0 is category management for the 21st century. It represents the modification of category management discipline to address the following major changes in the industry:

  • A more diverse shopper base – the shopper base has segmented into a collection of unique behaviors based on a consumer’s lifestyle and life stage.

  • New retail formats – the growth of supercenters, dollar stores, deep discounters, and online retailers.

  • Data – new data sources including shopper insights, loyalty programs and social media.

  • Analytical tools – new hardware and software solutions enable analytics with unprecedented speed and power, at the individual store and customer level.

  • Success models – learnings, case studies, and knowledge about what works and doesn’t work.


CatMan 2.0™ Process