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Certification Overview

  • Certification levels are earned sequentially. The CPCA level is earned first through training and then objective testing. We suggest that candidates for CPCA have 1-2 years’ experience in category management before taking the exam. CPCM is the next certification level earned and for this designation candidates should have 3-5 years’ experience before taking the exam. CPSA is the final level of certification and candidates for this level should have 6 or more years of experience, have managed a category management team, and have been responsible for joint business planning.

  • Please review the standards for each of the Certification tests you wish to complete. These standards are listed on this page.

  • We recommend you reach out to any of our CMA Accredited Solution Providers or Accredited Universities to gain the knowledge in each program level standard you may feel you have a deficiency or need additional help.

  • All candidates for the CPCA and CPCM will be required to take and successfully pass an online, objective test to earn a certified designation from the CMA.

  • The CPCA and CPCM test is segmented and questions are asked for all Learning Programs.

  • Candidates that do not pass and wish to retake the exam must pay a retake fee of $50.00.

  • Candidates wishing to take the CPSA exam will be required to take an online Essay Exam.

How to Register & Pricing

  • First Time Users: Please go to the “My Certifications” tab. You will be asked to pay a ONE-TIME registration fee of $95.00. Once this has been completed, and submitted, you will receive a Welcome email which will include a brief explanation about the CMA Certification program. It will ask you to complete your USER PROFILE and will include details on how to take your first test.

  • Registered Users: If you wish to attempt an exam, you will be asked to purchase an Exam (test) code. The complete details are available under the Registered User tab on your portal home page.

  • Upon completion of the purchase of a specific certification level test code, you will receive a TEST INSTRUCTION email that will include a confirmation of your purchase, provide you with confirmation code/authorization codes and a test link. It will also inform you that you will receive a separate email from

  • PROCTOR U ([email protected]) for the test scheduling. Your TEST INSTRUCTION email will also include a sample test so you can familiarize yourself with the process.

    At the time of your schedule test, the PROCTOR will unlock your test and allow you to complete it, AFTER you have provided the proper identification verification.


Test Prices

1-Time Registration Fee


CPCA Test Fee


CPCM Test Fee


CPSA Test Fee


Test Re-Take Fee