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Webinar Topics

Focuses on how manufacturers & retailers are implementing & executing new technologies and processes in analytics to achieve retail success.

Focuses on how retailers and manufacturers are using shopper behavior and the changes in the market environment including trends, changes to demographics and anything impacting trip behaviors, buyer conversion and related topics.

Focuses on how manufacturers and retailers are using space management tools to achieve results, how to incorporate new technology and measurement processes, and planogram compliance for success at the shelf.

These sessions are designed for manufacturers and retailers to shop anonymously; this way you can choose what vendors to contact for follow-up questions and information. Solution Providers who are CMA Corporate Members are able to present product and service overviews in sessions with CMA manufacturer and retailer members. These web based meetings offer Solution Providers the opportunity to directly reach the Category Management community to present new, current and enhanced products and services. Only manufacturers or retailers are allowed in the room – no competitors of the solution provider who is presenting may attend.

Monthly web-meeting devoted to sharing intellectual property created by any type of organization: solution providers (software firms, market research firms, training organizations, industry analysts, and consulting firms), manufacturers, and retailers. Materials may include studies, surveys, white papers, etc.

This type of webinar can be classified as a series or a special webinar that does not fit into the above categories.

*If the presenter has asked that their competitor’s not be allowed, and they still register, we have the right to remove them from the webinar presenting room.

Upcoming Webinars

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Thursday, January 17th @ 10 am Central 

TABS Analytics 6th Annual Food & Beverage (Consumables) Study


Dr. Kurt JettaExecutive Chairman & Founder, TABS Analytics

Join Dr. Kurt Jetta as he shares his analysis of the most up-to-date Food and Beverage Consumables category data and trends. He’ll cover topics such as: which demographic continues to dominate in Food & Beverage, how has online grocery continued to develop vs. brick-and-mortar, what deal delivery methods are replacing once-popular circulars & FSIs, and more!

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Friday, January 25th @ 10 am Central 

Exploring JDA Category Management 2018.1


Dan Desmarais, President, Cantactix

Ken Robertson, Solutions Consultant, Cantactix

Sandy Phillips, Solutions Consultant, Cantactix

Jean-Paul Desmarais, VP, Sales and Marketing, Cantactix

Join the experts from Cantactix for a live demo of some key new features of JDA’s newest release of the Category Management Suite. There are some excellent enhancements and new features with JDA’s latest release. See the key new capabilities in JDA Space Planning, Planogram Generator, CKB and the rest of the JDA Category Management Suite. The webinar will include both a live demonstration and a question period, so bring your questions.

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Thursday, January 31st @ 10 am Central 

Shifting Gears – Accelerate and Execute Best in Class Category Growth Plans


Diana Sheehan, VP Retail & Shopper Insights, Kantar Consulting

Dan Raynak, Chief Client Officer, Kantar Consulting

Mark Franzese, SVP Applications, Kantar Consulting

Leading CPGs and Retailers will embed levers of acceleration at every step of their category growth plans.

Dan Raynak–Chief Client Officer, and author of our recent U.S. PowerRanking—will share where you can uncover opportunities to accelerate in the upcoming year.

We’ll close out with a demo as you think about applying levers of acceleration with key trading partnerships in 2019.

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Friday, February 1st @ 10 am Central 

Efficiently and Effectively Generating Optimized Modulars with JDA myPG™ — A Case Study with Bush Brothers & Company and Vaco Supply Chain Solutions


Alicia Fultz, Category Advisor, Bush Brothers & Company

Will Mrotek, Managing Principal, Vaco

Eric Bachrach, Practice Director, Category Management, Vaco

Nathan Mathews, Senior Consultant, Category Management, Vaco

Bush Brothers & Company is one of a growing number of suppliers who have embraced the value of generating store-specific modulars with JDA’s myPG™ and Vaco Supply Chain Solutions.

  • Exceed retailer expectations – while keeping costs low and timelines short.
  • Leverage the power of PG™ without additional software, servers, or high implementation costs.
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Thursday, February 7th @ 10 am Central 

Demystifying Ecommerce Data – What It Is & How It Can Improve Your Online Strategy


Julia Millot, Senior Research Analyst, 1010data

Lawrence Morris, Product Manager, 1010data

Sophie Holeman, Product Manager, 1010data

Navigating today’s online landscape is complex and with an increasing number of consumers shifting to that channel, leading brands must adjust their strategies. Leveraging ecommerce data provides insight into online shopping behaviors that can help brands influence a purchase. However, many shy away from this data because there is uncertainty around how to best analyze and apply it. Join 1010data as we address your biggest ecommerce data concerns and demonstrate use-cases of how it can transform your online strategy.

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