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Webinar Topics

Focuses on how manufacturers & retailers are implementing & executing new technologies and processes in analytics to achieve retail success.

Focuses on how retailers and manufacturers are using shopper behavior and the changes in the market environment including trends, changes to demographics and anything impacting trip behaviors, buyer conversion and related topics.

Focuses on how manufacturers and retailers are using space management tools to achieve results, how to incorporate new technology and measurement processes, and planogram compliance for success at the shelf.

These sessions are designed for manufacturers and retailers to shop anonymously; this way you can choose what vendors to contact for follow-up questions and information. Solution Providers who are CMA Corporate Members are able to present product and service overviews in sessions with CMA manufacturer and retailer members. These web based meetings offer Solution Providers the opportunity to directly reach the Category Management community to present new, current and enhanced products and services. Only manufacturers or retailers are allowed in the room – no competitors of the solution provider who is presenting may attend.

Monthly web-meeting devoted to sharing intellectual property created by any type of organization: solution providers (software firms, market research firms, training organizations, industry analysts, and consulting firms), manufacturers, and retailers. Materials may include studies, surveys, white papers, etc.

Plan to attend this 4-part series to understand the differences within the organic/natural world, who these shoppers are, and how to identify your marketplace opportunities.

Removing the Myths: Understanding the Organic & Natural Trend

The opportunities for growth is available to all categories within this high-growth trend. Do you understand the possibilities open to you?  Here are a few points to think about:

  • Organic products are now in the cupboards and closets of 3 percent of American households. (Source: Nielsen findings released by the Organic Trade Association on March 23, 2017)
  • Total U.S. organic product sales in 2016 reached nearly $50 billion, and organic has averaged double-digit growth over the last five years. (Source: Organic Trade Association. 2017 Organic Industry Survey)
  • The United States represents about 45 percent of global organic sales, according to a July 2017 Euromonitor International Global Survey
  • Organic product growth is being fueled by retailer and industry marketing efforts and shopper trends.  Which is playing a bigger role? For example, organic savory snacks had the highest growth, up 10.9 percent in 2016; followed by organic soup, up 9.9 percent

Upcoming Webinars


Improving Every Step of Planogramming

Friday, March 2nd @ 10am central

Billy Allen, Customer Service Specialist, Ken Robertson, Business consultant, and Jean-Paul Desmarais, V.P. Sales Marketing, all with Cantactix

Join the experts from Cantactix to see how to improve every step of your planogramming process.  We have witnessed our clients struggle to hit deadlines and yet maintain good planograms for years.    Particularly with last minute changes, getting your planograms complete and correct can be overwhelming.  Cantactix has built an extension to JDA Space Planning called ‘MissionControl’ to help with many of the challenges faced by Space Planners.  Join us as we walk through the planogramming process and show you how to improve your planogramming, every step of the way.

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Understanding the Online Grocery Super Shopper

Thursday, March 8th @ 10am central

Ken Cassar, VP Principal Analyst, Slice Intelligence

Ken Cassar tells how the online grocery channel is in the midst of historic change: Traditional online players like Peapod and Amazon Fresh are offering delivery and in-store pickup, meal kit solutions are in the spotlight, and same day delivery models such as Amazon Prime Now, Instacart and Postmates are gaining wide adoption. In addition, Walmart is now the second largest online grocery player, having grown by more than 200 percent last year. In this webinar, we will look at the shoppers that currently dominate online grocery shopping to understand where the category is going.

• How loyal are they to particular merchants?
• How frequently are they buying?
• What is their mix of online grocery trip types?
• What do they look like demographically?

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PART 2: Why it’s important to communicate beyond the four corners of the package! 

Thursday, March 15th @ 10am central

Bill Bishop, Chief Architect, Brick Meets Click and Dan Lohman, Organic & CPG Industry Advisor, Category Management Solutions
Brands and retailers need to message better as shoppers now look to more than what the package says before making choices at the shelf. Shoppers want to know how to use the product, recipes, etc., and this is an area natural brands particularly excel at and mainstream brands struggle with…mainstream brands talk TO their shoppers whereas natural brands tend to converse WITH them.

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Part 3: Produce is the ‘gateway to the store’;  How can insights and tactics here affect other categories and growth in the store?

April 12th @ 10am CT

Tom Barnes, CEO and Adam Brohimer, President of CATEGORY PARTNERS

Part 4: Friday, April 27th @ 10AM CT, Case Studies

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