Webinar Topics

Focuses on how manufacturers & retailers are implementing & executing new technologies and processes in analytics to achieve retail success.

Focuses on how retailers and manufacturers are using shopper behavior and the changes in the market environment including trends, changes to demographics and anything impacting trip behaviors, buyer conversion and related topics.

Focuses on how manufacturers and retailers are using space management tools to achieve results, how to incorporate new technology and measurement processes, and planogram compliance for success at the shelf.

These sessions are designed for manufacturers and retailers to shop anonymously; this way you can choose what vendors to contact for follow-up questions and information. Solution Providers who are CMA Corporate Members are able to present product and service overviews in sessions with CMA manufacturer and retailer members. These web based meetings offer Solution Providers the opportunity to directly reach the Category Management community to present new, current and enhanced products and services. Only manufacturers or retailers are allowed in the room – no competitors of the solution provider who is presenting may attend.

Monthly web-meeting devoted to sharing intellectual property created by any type of organization: solution providers (software firms, market research firms, training organizations, industry analysts, and consulting firms), manufacturers, and retailers. Materials may include studies, surveys, white papers, etc.

This type of webinar can be classified as a series or a special webinar that does not fit into the above categories.

*If the presenter has asked that their competitor’s not be allowed, and they still register, we have the right to remove them from the webinar presenting room.

Upcoming Webinars

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Thursday,  July 18th @ 10 am Central

How Brands Can Leverage AI to Drive Growth


Pete Reilly; SVP of Marketing and Sales; AnswerRocket

Ryan Goodpaster; Account Executive; AnswerRocket

Leading CPG companies are turning to AI to gain a competitive edge. AI-powered analytics solutions democratize access to data and analysis, enabling business users to quickly get vital insights that guide faster, smarter decision making. Hear about the emerging trends in AI and machine learning and how top CPGs are taking an outcomes-based approach to implement these technologies. Learn best practices for activating AI initiatives to successfully drive adoption across your organization.

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Friday,  July 19th @ 10 am Central

Help Your Company Save 5-10% to the Bottom Line


Brient Mayfield; President/CEO; Optimal Answers

Kevin Costello; SVP Business Development; Optimal Answers

Optimal Answers replaces flawed, non-optimizing spreadsheets with optimization-driven application programs that achieves measurable savings, typically 5-10%, often more.

Empower decision makers

  • Replace flawed spreadsheets (90% have serious errors) and augment ERP systems
  • You supply the information; powerful user-friendly optimization technology gives you back best case scenario
  • Improve performance at every level with web application database, menus, and forms

Customize by market & industry

  • Business solutions comply with quality and regulatory standards

Implement lowest cost/best profit

  • What inventory to maintain and what to buy for minimum cost?
  • What products to make and how to market them for maximum sales and profit?

What materials, personnel, and assets to use long term and short term, and how to schedule them?


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Thursday,  July 25th @ 10 am Central

How VR is Impacting Retail Transformation


Rich Scamehorn, Chief Research Officer; InContext Solutions

Today’s world of retail is very different than it was a decade ago. Changing shopper needs and preferences have drastically altered the landscape—but in response to that, retailers are adopting new technologies, such as virtual store simulations, that help them learn how new in-store concepts will resonate with their customers.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how 3D simulations and VR technology is impacting retail store planning, by:

o   Allowing retailers to actively participate in how shoppers interact with their stores

o   Offering a fast, accurate testing process to evaluate store layouts and new designs

o   Providing proof that recommended in-store changes will be successful

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