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  • How to best implement the technology we have 
  • See how Wayfair’s data science team successfully uses mixed reality technology
  • Where the industry needs to adapt and continue to grow

Watch a preview of this valuable Shopper Insight resource.

We already know brick and mortar still holds cards in the game, technology is more important than ever, and that we need to focus on customer centricity. But now what? Where do we go from here?

As stores begin implementing more advanced and complex technology like biometrics, telemetry, and virtual reality, we are now receiving incredibly detailed data on the shopper building a comprehensive and complex picture — which specific aisles they walked down, their cart path around the store, and even how long they spent looking at a product. 

With an overwhelming amount of data coming in, the next challenge for the industry is knowing how to utilize this data effectively and turn it into valuable insights. See where the industry is going next in our webinar Emerging Trends in Shopper Insights: Session #2 where Leslie Warshaw of SIMA will dive into the huge opportunities technology and marketing data provide for retailers, manufacturers, solution partners, and the shopper.

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Discover the amazing potential data and insights hold within the industry and how analyzing and integrating data with other data sets such as CRM and conversion can truly help you understand the shopper at a granular level, providing not only a personalized experience for the shopper, but creating better collaboration between retailers, manufacturers, and solution partners.

  • C-Store 101 — Learn the basics of the convenience channel
  • Better understand the C-Store shopper
  • Learn why C-Stores are an underserved community and how to take advantage of its potential

Watch a preview of this valuable Category Management resource.

When 160 million customers walk through your door every day translating into 58 billion people visiting each year, you don’t want to ignore the incredible opportunity to market and sell to these consumers. This potential is the reality for the convenience channel — and many aren’t taking full advantage.

While larger national and regional convenience stores are benefiting from this expansive pool of consumers, smaller chains and independent c-stores are unfortunately lagging behind, missing out on the opportunity to gain more sales and see real world results. 

So what’s missing for smaller c-stores? 

In Unlocking Category Management in the Convenience Channel webinar, led by Jim Hachtel of Eby-Brown, you’ll learn why the gap between national c-stores and independent c-stores is growing, how the bigger chains are driving consumer trips and conversion, and what changes smaller c-stores need to make in order to compete.

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Get an extensive look at the difference between how larger, national c-stores approach category management versus smaller, independent retailers, and why this significantly and directly impacts their success. Plus, you’ll get an exclusive peek into Eby-Brown’s own category management methodology and their strategic practices to improve sales and implement an effective plan for both large and independent c-stores.

  • Learn what it means to live in a world of “hockey sticks”
  • How industry buzzwords influence data insights
  • See how emerging methodologies are reshaping the industry

Watch a preview of this valuable Shopper Insight resource.

You’ve heard the buzz words: customer centric, AI, inflection point, transparency, diversity, automation, personalization, private label, and the list goes on. It’s easy to get lost and distracted in this sea of new and growing technology and methodology as the industry continues to undergo a huge transformation.

Now more than ever, we have an overwhelming abundance of new technology and data capture metrics to drive insights. Just 15 years ago, 65% of the ways we now analyze data simply didn’t exist. The accelerated pace of information and data collection is revolutionary — but now what?

In our Emerging Trends in Shopper Insights webinar, Leslie Warshaw, President at SIMA, will dive into the complexities, distractions, and disruption within the industry discussing why it’s happening, what comes next, and why you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself with the crazy amount of new data to unpack.

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In your bonus, as new technology is producing enormous amounts of data, learn how you should use it, what you should be looking for, and how you move forward. Plus, you’ll get an in-depth look at the heart of the matter: humanizing insights. Learn why everything is ultimately about understanding the customer and the connection with the human being behind the data.

  • Learn the 5 key choices both retailers and manufacturers struggle with
  • Discover the importance of alignment between retailers and manufacturers 
  • Gain insight on how to address obstacles you’ll face implementing a successful category management program

Watch a preview of this valuable Organizational Design & Development resource.

As one of the most integral and successful tools used by retailers and manufacturers, the category management process was upgraded to CatMan 2.0, meeting the needs of the modern and rapidly changing retail landscape. 

Get a closer look at how you should be updating your category management process to address the difficult choices we all struggle with in making our category management programs more effective and efficient.

In this preview of the CatMan 2.0 Webinar Series you’ll gain a better understanding of the obstacles category managers must navigate and how to better align your CatMan goals, time, and team to move toward a deeper level of insight so you’ll succeed where many organizations have failed.

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An in-depth look at the 3 key branches of alignment for category management — internal, external, and your team — and what essential questions you need to ask to create better results in collaboration and consistency. Plus, how to break down responsibilities and expectations for alignment with both retailers and manufacturers to meet your goals for a successful category management strategy.

  • Learn the 60/60 rule of cross-selling
  • Identify the five opportunities to cross-sell online
  • Know the difference between bundling and cross-selling

Download a preview of this valuable Shopper Marketing resource.

When an online buyer clicks on your site, you have less than 0.3 seconds to make a compelling impression that will keep them there. Are you confident you can hold their attention?  

Unlike your traditional brick-and-mortar stores which are limited by physical space, online retailers have practically unlimited opportunities to cross-sell to their consumers, helping them both capture the consumer’s attention and convince them to open their wallets, ultimately boosting their sales. And cross-selling is win-win — the customer reaps more value and you increase your bottom line. 

So how do you implement effective cross-selling strategies that produce the results you want? 

In this preview of our Cross Merchandising Online: Maximizing the Opportunity white paper, you’ll learn the latest best practices from the leading online retailers, how they’re able to implement cross-selling into every product sale, and how your choice of which products to cross-sell can either increase sales or make the buyer abandon the transaction altogether.

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In your bonus preview, you’ll receive real-life examples of online cross-selling best practices from some of the most successful online retail giants where you’ll get an in-depth look at how Best Buy applies these tactics with Apple products. You’ll learn how each company’s tactics vary, how they play to the retailer’s strengths, and how you should be utilizing the product descriptor page, the reviewing cart page, and finally, the checkout page.

  • Learn the steps of a successful line review
  • Understand how review, innovation, strategies, and tactics play an integral role
  • Discover what dooms the majority of retailer plans

Watch a preview of this valuable Shopper Insights resource.

It’s one of the most frequently asked questions in category management: What makes a great line review?  

The line review process provides you with an uncommon opportunity to help drive your business forward and develop strategies and tactics as a retailer. But many don’t fully utilize or understand how to implement the line review process successfully and end up stumbling at the finish line.

With this video resource preview of Strategies to Complete a Great Line Review or Request for Proposal (RFP), you’ll learn from the CMA+SIMA team how to create a successful line review. You’ll get a blueprint on how to approach category assessments, strategies, key tactics, and how to place yourself as a marketplace expert providing an effective plan and insight on how retailers can innovate and compete in the future.

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In the bonus preview, you’ll get a sneak peek at the importance of scorecards, plus, you’ll learn how to assess categories effectively for success by broadening your scope beyond your own data into macro trends within the entire marketplace. You’ll learn how to take an honest look at your sales, market share, and shopper metrics to create better innovation and choices for the next year.

  • Uncover Shopper insight in the digital landscape
  • See where retailers and suppliers need to collaborate to optimize e-commerce opportunities
  • How to best utilize digital marketing

Download a preview of this valuable E-Commerce resource.

E-commerce has shaken the foundations of the retail industry and forever changed the way we interact with the shopper and our trading partners. And in order to keep up with this rapidly-changing industry, we need to reimagine strategic approaches and redefine relationships and our roles in the e-commerce channel. 

In this free resource preview of E-commerce Category Leadership: A New Approach to Retailer and Supplier Collaboration for Digital and E-commerce Growth, you’ll discover how e-commerce category leadership, or ECL, has adapted and built off of key category management fundamentals to create accelerated business results from stronger, more seamless collaboration between retailers and suppliers. 

Retailers and suppliers need to collaborate to unlock the full potential of the e-commerce channel. Learn how you can utilize ECL to create an agreed strategy allowing you to work, communicate, and evolve more effectively among the increased competition in this fast-paced digital market.

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Get the entire E-Commerce Analytics section and learn how to bridge data gaps and generate smart collaborative tactics to drive online sales. Plus, you’ll gain access to a full glossary of e-commerce terms helping you connect and foster strong relationships with trading partners. 

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