With training credits, retailer and manufacturer members can access best-in-class training courses through the CMA’s exclusive partnership with CMKG, the leader in Category Management training.

CMKG is a training company dedicated to advancing retailers, manufacturers and others in category management, data to insights, analytics, shopper insights and storytelling.


The CMA+SIMA has an exclusive partnership with CMKG to deliver a premiere, online training platform, courses, and resources to retailer and manufacturer members.


Training credits are distributed to and then spent by members on accredited courses and programs, case studies, and certification prep materials. How you spend your credits depends on your goals and needs.

Check out some of the resources below to learn more.

Member Training Credits Interactive Tool

Overview of how credits works, what training you can access, and more.

CMA+SIMA Member Learning Portal FAQs

PDF document for both CMA+SIMA members and non-members that answers questions about the partnership, training options, and use of training credits.

Video: How to Use Your Training Credits

Walk through the 4 steps to getting and using your credits as a CMA+SIMA member.

Start with a FREE* Individual Assessment

discover gaps • level set your team • improve alignment
Upon test completion, you’ll receive a follow-up email with personalized feedback and recommendations for programs and courses to meet your goals.

*(administration fee of $25/per user applies to register individuals within the online training portal)

How Can I Spend Training Credits to Build Shopper Expertise & More?

Certification-Based Programs for Every Level
Choose from 3 accredited, category management training programs that align perfectly with our certification standards OR create a custom curriculum that is tailored to your needs.* Certification prep materials are also available at the CPCA and CPCM levels.

*Custom curriculum may require an additional fee for some membership levels. Contact Member Services for more details.


Certified Professional Category Analyst – CPCA (10 credits)

For individuals new to category management. Provides the foundations necessary to move to a strategic CatMan approach or as a level-setting program for a newly-formed category management team. Meets all the learning requirements for our Certified Professional Category Analyst (CPCA).


Certified Professional Category Manager – CPCM (10 credits)

For individuals with experience in category management who want to move to an intermediate level of category management understanding, with a focus on in-depth data and analysis. This program meets all the learning requirements for OUR Certified Professional Category Manager (CPCM).


Certified Professional Strategic Advisor – CPSA (5 credits)

For individuals who want to advance and move into the strategic level of understanding and skill in category management, and who have previously completed CPCA and CPCM certification levels. This program meets all the learning requirements for our Certified Professional Strategic Advisor (CPSA).

View Accredited Courses for Certification-Based Programs (PDF)

Competency-Building Training

Choose from 60+ topics that span experience levels and topic areas. From an entire program that dives into CatMan 2.0 changes to on-the-job industry knowledge + skills to topic-specific courses, there is opportunity to dig in and expand your abilities.

Programs, Courses, and Webinars (PDF)
All Courses (PDF)

Request our Training Catalog with Learning Outcomes, Credits, and Descriptions Available to CMA+SIMA Members.

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How Do I Get Started with Training?

If you’re not a member yet, the first step is to join the CMA+SIMA.
Already a member? It’s easy to get your team learning:

Contact Member Concierge to schedule your training consultation.

Choose training plan and enroll users in your custom learning portal.

KICK OFF! Get your team on-board and ready to learn with an orientation webinar.


As your team’s learning leader, you choose which training path
fits your team’s training needs and your company’s goals. 


Choose programs by team or role to level set, create role-specific curriculum, get certified and/or use for on-boarding new hires.

  1. CHOOSE PROGRAM All team members complete the same program (Foundational/CPCA, Intermediate/CPCM, Advanced/CPSA, Masters).
  2. SET TIMELINE Improve individual accountability and completion by setting a deadline.
  3. COMPLETE PROGRAM Each individual completes the program within their own CMA Learning Portal profile.


Choose programs for individuals based on what they know and which program matches best to build their current skill level.

  1. TEAM TAKES ASSESSMENT Each team member completes the free assessment test.
  2. CMKG RECOMMENDATION Individuals will be enrolled in a program that best fits their needs.
  3. COMPLETE PROGRAM Each individual completes the program within their own CMA Learning Portal profile.


Individuals own their own learning path and choose the courses that they will complete after taking the assessment.

  1. TEAM TAKES ASSESSMENT Each team member completes the free assessment test to discover their unique strengths and weaknesses.
  2. STUDENTS CHOOSE COURSES  Individuals guide their learning by choosing their own courses.
  3. COMPLETE PROGRAM Each individual completes the program within their own CMA Learning Portal profile.

Need help deciding? Member Concierge is always ready to help.


Training is just the beginning.

Individuals access courses, programs, case studies, and certification prep inside a cutting-edge learning environment that offers additional benefits, including:






What are MY options for membership?

Corporate Members

Ready to power up your organization?

Contact us about how to get connected with leading-edge training for your organization as part of your CMA+SIMA membership. Fill out the form here and we’ll be in touch to answer any questions you may have about getting started on the path to meeting your goals.