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We exist to help our members succeed and win with shoppers by furthering thought leadership, professional development, and industry best practices for Shopper Insights and Category Management professionals worldwide. ​

The CMA…

  • Provides broad thought leadership;

  • Establishes industry benchmarks and best practices;

  • Develops relevant certification/continuing education/collegiate curriculum;

  • Facilitates collaboration and networking;

  • Creates robust and rewarding career paths and professional development

About the CMA

The CMA, a Professional Association, exists to help its members drive meaningful category and brand growth by building shopper satisfaction heroes and facilitating strategic collaboration between retailers, suppliers and Solution Providers.

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CMA Membership enrolls organizations and its professionals into a global category management community, that includes many of the top manufacturers, retailers, solution partners, and universities. We invite you to join and participate.

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The Association’s certification is an objective, third-party, industry designation which acts as a ‘common language’ and ensures that a minimum agreed-upon standard at each level has been met or exceeded – allowing companies to make better and more informed hiring decisions and create successful trade partner relationships.

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Training Benefit

With training credits, retailer and manufacturer members can access best-in-class training courses through the CMA’s exclusive partnership with CMKG, the leader in Category Management training. Learn more about training as part of membership.

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The CMA events and activities have proven to be the ideal forum to meet peers, collaborate, and exchange ideas, in a non-competitive and highly respected environment. The CMA hosts a variety of events on an annual, monthly and weekly basis .

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Best Practices & Services

The solutions presented by the Best Practices Group at the CMA have been chosen and honed by individuals with unparalleled experience in Category Management, individuals who were ‘there at the creation’ and have themselves developed or deployed best practice solutions at manufacturers and retailers around the world.

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CatMan 2.0™

In the age of growing retailer strength, shopper empowerment & new insights from big data analytics, make the discipline of Category Management suddenly more important than ever. Learn more from the pioneers of CatMan, master the essential language and be at the epicenter of major trends & initiatives transforming our CPG ecosystem.

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Becoming a CMA+SIMA Member provides even more than our annual content-packed, networking conference. Membership provides access to hundreds of industry whitepapers, videos, and more. Preview some of the strategic and on-the-job resources available from the Category Management Association and the Shopper Insights Management Association.

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