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Customer Insights Begin with Insights into Consumer Trends

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Stores closings are on a record pace and the retail industry will likely see more brick and mortar store closures this year than ever before. Now more than ever, retailers must keep a close eye on current trends. No one can predict the future, but by closely watching and reacting to consumer trends, you stay […]

U.S Grocers Preparing for Lidl

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German grocery giant Lidl just opened its first U.S store and boldly claimed;

“Shoppers can expect to get top quality goods and groceries at up to 50 percent less than other supermarkets in the U.S.” A very compelling offer, but how many products this discount applies to remains to be seen.

Lidl opened 10 stores on Thursday […]

Best Buy Looks to Mobile Phones to Continue Growth

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Best Buy shares recently jumped nearly 20% in one day when they announced comparable sales increased 1.6% in the past quarter. Analysts had expected a decline of 1.5 percent. One of the surprises was the increase in sales of mobile phones.

Recognizing the opportunity with smart phones, Best Buy has recently redesigned their mobile departments and […]

2017 CMA Conference Attracts Record Number of Attendees

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Another memorable CMA conference is in the record books! In fact, we had a record number of attendees this year which included a diverse mix of retailers, solution providers and manufacturers from a wide variety of industries.

The theme of this year’s conference was Bridging Traditional & Digital: Creating New Paths to Success.  Presenters from many […]