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Why Amazon’s Lower Price Strategy for Whole Foods Will Work & Why It Won’t

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Amazon is dramatically reducing prices at Whole Foods to attract new customers and bring back those who left to find lower-priced natural and organic foods at traditional super markets. The lower price strategy may be just what Whole Foods needs to win back customers after same store sales have dipped over the past two years. […]

CMA Certification

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CMA Certification has been so readily accepted because it is the result of a collaborative effort between manufacturers, retailers, brokers & training organizations to establish & communicate the standards necessary to support the development of a more professional category management community.

The automotive channel has the need for 2 different types of Category Management:

#1 Retail CatMan
In this instance, […]

Category Management Standards & Higher Education

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Category Management Standards & Higher Education

By Daniel P. Strunk


Early in this decade The Category Management Association (CMA) released standards to govern the evaluation of industry talent. These standards enabled companies to take an objective look at their category management personnel and conclude through certification how they compared to industry expectations. This unique third-party review enabled […]

Newly Certified Showcase!

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The best way to understand the motivations behind why someone got category management certified, is to ASK! Hear from this month’s feature on their certification experience.

Meet Geoff Nadler.

What is your current role?
I am currently a Category Manager for Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits.

What level certification did you achieve?
I just achieved the level […]

The Time is Ripe for Produce

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Grocers need to take advantage.

Produce sales increased 3.3% and volume grew 2.6% over the 52 weeks ending March 19th. Total produce category sales reached $63 billion, outpacing all other categories.



Now a larger group than the Baby Boom generation, millennials (ages 18-36), are the largest segment of the workforce and have gained significant buying power. Millennial […]