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The Most Common (but easily preventable) Mistake in Email Marketing Campaigns

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The most common mistake? Ignoring the 40-40-20 Rule.

Over many years, marketers have studied direct response results and have discovered a breakdown of what generally makes an e-campaign or any direct response campaign successful. The results are as follows:

40% is the quality of the LIST

40% is the quality of the OFFER

20% is the quality of the CREATIVE

Of course, every campaign is unique […]

Millennials: Separating Fact from Fiction

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 Category managers need to understand Millennials— who they are, what they buy, how they shop and much more. Why? Millennials are now the largest generation and the largest segment of the workforce. They spend hundreds of billions of dollars a year as most have now […]

Online Grocery Shopping: Boom, bust or something in between?

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Despite all the excitement about the potential for online grocery shopping, most consumers still prefer buying their groceries at the store. In fact, less than 4% of groceries are bought online. It’s not the fault of grocers. Most now offer online ordering for delivery or curbside pick up at the store.

So why are consumers reluctant […]

What Makes Loyalty Programs Click

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The first thing to remember about loyalty programs is why they exist. The intent is to reward your biggest customers—the 20% that account for 80% of your sales. The goal is to keep your core customers coming back and adding to this coveted base of marketers used to call “heavy users.”

By design, loyalty programs provide […]

Whole Foods: One Year after Amazon

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Remember the excitement when Amazon acquired Whole Foods a year ago? There were huge expectations. So what’s happened so far?

First, to understand where Whole Foods is today, we need to remember that Whole Foods had been struggling before Amazon bought the company. In fact, Whole […]