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Cross-Channel Manifest Destiny: Retailers are using powerful data to create their own opportunities

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by Dave Hanson

Hot off the heels of the National Retail Federation (NRF)’s 2019 Big Show, it seems “omnipresent” is the new omnichannel strategy. More than ever before, retailers are trying to meet shoppers wherever they are — whether that’s with delivery, pick-up, in their stores, in somebody else’s stores, in a store where you don’t […]

Collaborative E-Commerce Solution for Retailers and Suppliers

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In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, e-commerce category leadership has become necessary to stay competitive and grow. That’s why e-commerce has become mission critical for consumer product retailers and suppliers. But most retailers and manufacturers are still far from optimizing e-commerce opportunities.

In response, the Category Management Association (CMA) agreed to sponsor the development of best practices and […]

From Science Fiction to Reality: Get Ready for A-Commerce.

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by Dave Hanson

It still seems like science fiction, but we’re quickly approaching an era where our “smart” homes will do much of our shopping for us. Futurists predict our refrigerators will order our milk and our bathroom mirrors will automatically fill our digital shopping carts with toothpaste, hand soap and mouthwash when supplies run low, […]

Retail Trends to Watch in 2019

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by Dave Hanson

Some will fly and some will flop, but here are some retail trends to keep an eye on this year.

Pop-up Stores — Millennials enjoy discovering new store experiences. As more stores close, there will continue to be an excess supply of retail space making landlords more flexible and open to offering short-term rental deals […]