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The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

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My Key Takeaways from the Global Retailing Conference

By: Leslie Warshaw

New technology-based in-store experiences are growing faster than anything we’ve ever seen before. But it seems whenever I listen to the experts in our industry talk about that technology, the key reoccurring theme is one that’s been around forever: it’s […]

A Cooler Twist on PoP Marketing

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Walgreens launches coolers with IoT-connected advertising

Targeted online point-of-purchase marketing has been miles ahead of the in-store experience for years. It is simply easier to collect and utilize data when customer decision-making patterns can easily be tracked and narrowed into a finite set of options.

Until recently, the in-store experience has been […]

Revamping the Retail Experience

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Acquisition of Retailer Story Leads Rapid Evolution for Macy’s

Adaptation is a fundamental requirement of survival. And just like any other species, the dominant retailers of the past need to evolve their genetic structure to continue to thrive in an unforgiving world.

Just this past week, Macy’s announced a move that has […]

Innovating to Win the Last Mile

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Logistics are evolving at a head-spinning pace. Who will come out on top?

The war to win the last mile of delivery is being waged on countless fronts. While getting a product to a local distribution center is easy enough, how a company gets a product into their customers’ hands is everything. Now, more than ever, […]

CBD goes from barely legal to big business

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CVS and Walgreens announcements could have huge implications on new category.

by Dave Hanson

March was a landmark month in the growing CBD product category as CVS and Walgreens announced they would be carrying the cannabis-based products in a handful of states. CBD, short for cannabidiol, has come a long way […]