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What Will 5G Mean for the Future of Retail?

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Faster connections, without Wi-Fi shackles, will reinvent our relationship with technology

Over the past couple of weeks, the airwaves have been flooded with news regarding the ongoing U.S. ban of Chinese telecom giant and 5G pioneer Huawei. While the current ban might have slowed down the implementation of 5G in the […]

A Toast to Teamwork

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Craft Brewers Boston Beer Company and Dogfish Head Announce Merger

This past week, two of America’s largest independent craft brewers, Dogfish Head Brewery and Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams), announced they were brewing up a sizeable merger valued at nearly $300 million.

In the deal, Dogfish Head shareholders will receive $173 million […]

80 Billion Reasons for One-Day Delivery

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Amazon makes a huge power move. How will retailers respond?

Since our blog last month about the ongoing battle for the last mile in retail delivery, we’ve already seen some monumental shifts. While Google offshoot Wing gained FAA clearance in the United States and Uber announced more plans […]