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5 Reasons CPGs and Retailers Might Be Worried About the 2019 Holiday Season.

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With Thanksgiving just three months away, CPGs and retailers are transitioning from the back to school blitz to the 2019 holiday season. The 2018 holidays were quite healthy, with total retail spending up 5.4% to the tune of $998.32 billion. Early projections estimated 2019 holiday numbers to surpass the $1 trillion mark, but analysts […]

The Recipe for Success? Data.

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Facing Increased Competition, Food Brands Turn to Big Data and AI.

Innovation within the various food and beverage categories is becoming more mandatory than ever, in the face of fierce competition. In an increasing number of cases, it’s not just national brands vs. national brands. It’s the aggressively-growing private label […]

Press Release: U of SC + CMA partnership

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University of South Carolina Partners with Category Management Association
to offer Category Management Curriculum.

August 16th, 2019, Bloomington, MN

Today, the University of South Carolina announced a new Partnership with the Category Management Association (CMA) and Shopper Insights Management Association (SIMA). The professional organizations will assist the […]

Companies Fight Food Waste with Data

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Startups Help Restaurants and Grocers Reduce Costs and Carbon Footprint.

Nearly a third of all the food produced around the globe goes to waste. Just think about that for a second. People in the most developed countries waste over 220 pounds of food, on average, per year. That’s a bitter pill […]

3 Obstacles and 3 Opportunities for CVS CarePass

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CVS Launches an Amazonesque Membership Program. Will it Succeed or Fail?

Earlier this week, CVS made headlines when they announced the nationwide expansion of their CarePass program. CarePass, like Amazon Prime, is a fee-based subscription service that offers free 1-2 day delivery on a variety of items. In the case of […]