For those who might be unfamiliar or brand new to your company, what do you do?

NAILBITER is a Global Quantitative Videometrics platform for video-based market research. Using in-the-moment video and augmented reality, NAILBITER captures and converts real shopping behavior in-store and online into actionable metrics, serving global CPG companies. Headquartered in Reston VA, NAILBITER has offices in New York, Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Mumbai, Singapore and Dubai.

In what ways do you feel your business focus has changed since COVID?

Pre-Covid, our business focus has been to expand our current client base in the US. During Covid we doubled our size in 2020 and since early 2021 we have added multiple international offices to serve the internal teams of our global clients enabling us to further accelerate our growth as a company.

How have the shifts to a more Omnichannel retail dynamic impacted the ask from your customers over the past 2 years? How have you responded?

There’s a clear and growing interest of our CPG customers in all forms and shapes of digital commerce, may it be traditional e-commerce, online retailers, pure players or newer ones like DTC and Q-commerce/Instant Commerce. Pre-Covid, our NAILBITER platform already catered for a better shopper understanding in both the physical world and the online world and as such we were already executing Omnichannel projects. Because of that we didn’t really need to respond, and we have enjoyed an increasing number of client projects in that space.

What current retail and consumer trends do you feel people should be paying particular attention to right now?

While some shoppers returned to in-store purchasing, Online penetration continues to be much higher than pre-pandemic behaviors. Continuing to focus on eCommerce best practices and digital planogramming by understanding the digital shopper journey, will be key to long-term growth.

From a Consumer perspective, an increased focus on Health and Wellbeing and Sustainability are impacting purchase behaviors. Understanding the impact to packaging, sizes, ingredients, etc…will be critical for current and future innovation.

For Brick-and-Mortar retailers; experienced based shopping, the integration of technology, and the increasing presence of self (or mobile) checkouts continues to expand in importance. Understanding in-the-moment behaviors will help manufacturers and retailers meet shoppers’ evolving needs.

What kind of solutions will you be showcasing at the 2022 CMA|SIMA Conference?

We will be showcasing how our global quantitative video metrics platform captures and codes real shopping behavior to answer many questions that our shopper insights and category management clients face:

-Understanding retailer & aisle Shopability to determine impact on conversion and shopper perceptions of POGs and ePOGs
-Revealing the Aisle or the Future for our clients to demonstrate category thought leadership
-Mapping the Omnichannel Path to Purchase to uncover category shopper journey
-Using augmented reality, capturing reactions to a new POG for early understanding on how real shoppers navigate a new aisle flow

What are you most looking forward to as the CMA|SIMA Conference returns to an in-person format this year?

Doing in-person demos of our Augmented Reality technology, which allows shoppers to “shop” a 3D image of a planogram (or display) right from their smartphone by anchoring the image to the ground in front of them and actually walk up and down the aisle. Attendees of the conference will get to experience what our participants experience in research studies designed to test aisle flows, POG layouts, and effectiveness of displays.