3 Can’t-Miss Sustainability Sessions at the 2021 CMA|SIMA Conference.

The COVID-19 pandemic dominated headlines over the past year, but as the world begins to open back up once again, many of the topics that once stood in the spotlight have come back into focus. One of those major topics is sustainability.

Brands have spoken about sustainability before, but never with the energy and conviction that they do now. What changed? Crucially, consumer attitudes. Today, shoppers are speaking with their wallets, putting their money behind the companies that are making real commitments to creating sustainable products.

And this isn’t just a blip on the radar. Studies show that sustainability is key to winning over Gen Z—the next great buying cohort. With nearly three-quarters of this generation willing to pay a premium for sustainable products, now is the time for brands to flex their sustainability muscles and, in the process, make lifelong brand loyalists.

In today’s blog, we’re going to highlight 3 can’t-miss presentations from the upcoming 2021 CMA|SIMA Annual Conference that dive into different critical aspects of sustainability.

Long Term Importance of Sustainability for Brands and Retailers

JoAnne Murphy
Director of Sustainability and Communications, North America at Colgate-Palmolive
Sustainability is a topic that seems to ebb and flow in importance for many retailers and brands but is growing in importance for shoppers. JoAnne Murphy will speak to the long-term importance of sustainability and why Colgate is making ambitious commitments on that front. She will provide examples of the innovative ways that brands and retailers are increasing sustainability—and how consumers are rewarding them for doing so.

Leaning on Micro Supply Chains, Learnings from the Fashion Industry

Lisa Morales-Hellebo
Co-Founder of The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation
We heard plenty about retail supply chain challenges in the early days of the pandemic—and even more due to the recent events at the Suez Canal. Lisa Morales-Hellebo will illustrate how supply chains are undergoing a massive paradigm shift, with the focus moving from global to local. She’ll show us why demand chains are growing in prominence and how localization is creating a more sustainable future.

Transforming Products Into Digital Assets—The Importance of Product Traceability

Judy Moon
VP of Sales at EVRYTHNG
End-to-end visibility across a product’s lifecycle is more important now than ever before. Consumers want to buy from brands who show total transparency, and brands that don’t properly trace their products are at risk of counterfeits and profit loss. Judy Moon will show how you can access, aggregate and share data at every point of the product lifecycle—even to ‘recommerce,’ for true circularity and ideal sustainability.

We’re happy to offer these presentations that will give you an idea of where sustainability stands today—and where it’s headed. And if one thing is certain, it’s safe to expect even more content on sustainability at next year’s Conference.

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