4 Can’t-Miss Retailer Sessions at the 2021 CMA|SIMA Conference.

See How Leading Retailers are Adapting to Today’s New Retail Reality

Last week, we explored some of the sessions at the upcoming 2021 CMA|SIMA Conference that will be most relevant for suppliers and manufacturers. This week, we wanted to turn the spotlight toward sessions with content that applies specifically to our retailer members.

Suppliers often experienced ‘feast or famine’ during the pandemic, depending on what categories they play in, and for retailers it was just as extreme, if not more. Across mass, club, grocery and home improvement many retailers were overwhelmed by the increase in demand for their goods, while other retail channels’ stores were closed entirely.

As we are seeing some return to normalcy, we are now operating in a new retail reality. How should retailers be gathering shopper insights under these new and still-shifting conditions? How can they combat the new profitability challenges that come with a larger eCommerce mix? How should retailers embrace automation? Should all retailers consider small-format stores?

To answer some of these pressing questions, we have gathered leading retailers from across the industry, including Kroger’s insights arm, 84.51°,  Circle K and more.

Today we’re putting the spotlight on four of these can’t-miss sessions from the upcoming 2021 CMA|SIMA Annual Conference across various tracks, specifically geared toward our retailer members.

The New Normal: Unlocking Insights in an Uncertain World

Barbara Connors, VP of Commercial Insights at 84.51°

Finding insights in an uncertain world—no one embraced this challenge in 2020 more than Kroger’s insights arm 84.51°. With purchase behavior trends evolving on a weekly basis, demands for rapid data and insights pushed our industry to evolve our approach. Join Barbara Connors, VP of Commercial Insights, who will explain how 84.51° pivoted during COVID to react to shopper demands nearly real-time. She will explore the largest shopper behavior trends in 2020, as evidenced by Kroger’s 60MM household panel, including snacking, cooking at home and omnichannel shopping, and most importantly, the outlook for those behaviors into 2021 and beyond.

Overcoming Profitability Challenges in a Post-COVID World

Deena Friedman, Futurist & Financial Expert

Retailers and manufacturers are both facing profitability challenges from a number of angles, including the increase in eCommerce sales penetration, commoditization of categories and more. Learn from our expert with 20 years of experience in the investment management industry on how companies have creatively overcome these profitability challenges.

Future of Small Format and Technology-Enabled Retail Stores

Steven Duffy, Senior VP of Design at Cuhaci & Peterson

The traditional format of the big-box store is in flux. Shopper demands for ‘quick trips’ over perusing a superstore are forcing retailers to reconsider how their stores should look and act. Steven Duffy, Senior VP of Design at Cuhaci & Peterson, an architecture, engineering and design firm, will walk us through how companies can mesh the physical and the digital to create a seamless experience for customers. He’ll also explore why small format is the future of store design and what technologies can be employed today to redefine the grocery experience.

Retail Relationships from Home

Kim James, Head of Global Center of Excellence at Circle K

Kim has held a number of positions across drugstore and convenience retail throughout her 25-year career. No matter what she’s doing, she always finds a way to bring humanity into a bottom-line business. But with the move to remote work last year, building connections became much more difficult. Kim will share some of her hard-earned learnings from Circle K on how to sustain and grow retail relationships from home.

Expect to see other enlightening retailers sessions throughout the 2021 CMA|SIMA Annual Conference, as well. Visit our Agenda Page to find all the latest updates on the sessions, and chime in on social media to let us know which sessions you’re most looking forward to seeing!

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