6 Must-See Emerging Technology Sessions

See How These Solution Providers Can Support Your Business

Over the past several weeks we’ve highlighted several upcoming retailer and manufacturer sessions at the 2021 CMA|SIMA Annual Conference. With just two weeks left to go before the Conference, we’re going to focus this week on highlighting a few must-see Emerging Technology sessions from our solution provider members.

More than ever before, companies could use a helping hand to get them through the end of the pandemic and on the right path in the post-COVID world. To help you understand the wealth of new offerings available in the category management and shopper insights industry, we’ve gathered some of the leading solution providers from across the industry, including Blue Yonder and NielsenIQ.

Whether you’re a retailer or manufacturer, you’ll find something in these informative sessions to help support your business. These solution providers will showcase their offerings through case studies, market research, product demos and more. They will show you how pricing and promotions have changed in today’s new retail environment; how to make the most out of private-label placement; how to utilize automation in space planning; how to harness and make use of immense amounts of data; and much more.

Today we’re putting the focus on six must-see emerging technology sessions at the upcoming 2021 CMA|SIMA Annual Conference from our solution provider partners.

Busting Myths About Price and Promotions During the Pandemic

Peter Shapiro, Vice President, North America Delivery Lead – Price and Promotion at NielsenIQ

Learn how COVID has altered the landscape of the retail environment and access the research that debunks price and promotion myths that exist because of COVID. You will gain tactical and relevant price and promotion recommendations from the research shared during this session so you can be acting—not just reacting—and making bold decisions to drive successful outcomes for your business.

Recruiting and Keeping New Buyers in the Age of COVID

Jake Grocholski, Senior Consultant at Numerator

Lindsay Fankhauser, Shopper and Portfolio Insights Lead at Campbell’s Snacks

At the beginning of the pandemic, Campbell’s Snacks began to notice an unexpected sales increase in one of their brands. To understand what motivated new brand buyers, Campbell’s reached out to Numerator. Leveraging Numerator Insights and Surveys, Campbell’s Snacks profiled the new brand buyers, identified their purchase occasions and category shopping behavior, and determined how to retain those new buyers post-pandemic. Join Lindsay at Campbell’s Snacks and Jake Grocholski, Sr. Consultant at Numerator, as they break down Campbell’s consumer-centric strategy in this recent case study.

The Big Brand Bet: How Private Brand Placement Can Help Categories Thrive

Diana Sheehan, GVP Insights & Commercial Strategy at InContext

For many retailers today, their private label serves as the single-largest brand across categories. And private brands have begun to look and act more like national brands, so the ways in which manufacturers engage with them may need to be reevaluated. In this presentation, InContext will explore how placement and flow on shelf directly impacts private label performance across categories throughout the store, and how savvy manufacturers can learn how to leverage them to help unlock total category growth.

Connecting Product and Shopper Insights to the Broader Supply Chain

Jim Hull, Senior Industry Strategies Director at Blue Yonder

In this session, Jim will discuss how cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence, real-time inventory, micro-fulfillment and end-to-end collaboration are giving today’s retailer and CPG companies the highest probability of delivering on the customer promise, while minimizing total cost to serve and maximizing profits and customer satisfaction.

Winning with Space Planning Automation in Today’s Retail Environment

Paul Sims, Co-Founder and CEO of Nuqleous

Andy Nielsen, Director of Business Development at Nuqleous

Learn how today’s retailers and suppliers are doing more with less—planning more, producing more and delivering more—by utilizing automation in space planning. Hear from PepsiCo’s Curt Meineke and McCormick Company’s Shaen Allen as they share how automation enables their teams to deliver space planning excellence with heightened efficiency, agility and precision.

Leveraging Data to Grow Your Unified Commerce Business

Ronald Walker, Senior Director of Innovation and Product Management at Atlas Technology Group

The vastness of retail data available today is extremely powerful and harnessing it can lead to tangible business growth. But when many companies try to create their own data lakes, they turn into data swamps. ATLAS helps clients get all data, including retailer POS, inventory and OSA, eCommerce price changes, customer reviews, and more into one data lake. Ronald will walk us through how commerce has changed over the past 70 years, who is ATLAS Technology, and some use cases to leverage their data offering. He will demo the insights dashboard and how to use the application to help make better business decisions.

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