Our Story

Donna Frazier, our founder, created the CMA in 2004 after a successful career in executive recruiting. She recognized category management as a field with a great need for a common language, talent acquisition guidelines, and training standards.

Donna knew that she could create this through a central community of category management professionals. The first task was to form a steering committee of prominent executives from leading CPG retailers and suppliers to establish certification and training standards. The committee’s first standards document was completed in 2009 and certification standards were released to the industry in April 2010.

The CMA team is responsible for creating and continually achieving the core mission of the Association — which is to to help its members drive meaningful category and brand growth by building shopper satisfaction and facilitating strategic collaboration between retailers, suppliers, and solution providers.

The Association is now a global organization with members from more than 20 countries, and is still the only professional group solely focused on category management. Under Donna’s leadership, the CMA has earned an excellent reputation as an unbiased source for industry information and best practices. We are excited to expand the vision and reputation in all the years to come.