The Brady Bunch, a classic American sitcom revolved around a large blended family with six children likely played a role in your life no matter your age or education. The show was a classic situation comedy that became a cornerstone of popular culture. Most episodes were structured around the collective new Brady bunch getting into one misadventure after another. The blending of the family of Mike Brady and Carol Martin made an interesting dynamic. The two came from different backgrounds and expectations, especially given their lack of experience with the other gender. The episodes were filled with awkward adjustments, accommodations, gender rivalries, lessons learned and the story of them growing closer along the way.

Even though the CMA Conference has no true relation to the Brady Bunch- there are some key points and overarching similarities between the two. The biggest one is that like the Brady Bunch, the CMA combines people, not like the other. The CMA specifically chooses speakers from completely different industries, channels, walks of experience and stages in their careers and welcomes them to collaborate and share their discoveries.

Like the Brady Bunch, the CMA Conference:

  • Leaves room for adventure
  • Allows ample time for lessons to be learned
  • Brings teams & attendees closer together
  • Is designed for anyone, age & experience level


Here’s the story… of the 2018 CMA Conference Breakout Bunch! And by Breakout Bunch, we mean our compelling line-up of breakout presentations.

We heard your requests from last year’s conference. You said you wanted more joint presentations and real-world examples from the speakers. We are happy to announce we have delivered! Another exciting new addition to this year is our increased focus on shopper insights.

Industry diversity is something we are very proud of this year. We have breakout speakers from practically every channel, otherwise, they are more than represented by our attendees:

Sporting Goods
Food Service

So, what exactly can you expect from this bunch of breakout speakers (and the ones not shown)?

The duo from Tyson will share their strategy to reinvigorate the Frozen Department through 4 core barriers to encourage broader engagement and more trips.

We also have some exciting shopper insights content from three presentations: Ed Sheedy with Weis, Mike Avery with Chobani, and Jeff Lynn with Fruit of the Loom.

If you are looking for tips on how to target a specific demographic of shoppers, Jesse Rodriguez with Andrews Distributing Co. has teamed up with Monti Shalabi, owner of El Rio Grande Latin Market to share how to “Customize your Assortment and Merchandising to Win the Latino Consumer”.

Maybe you are interested in reaching a particular channel with your product. Dennis Chambers, VP of Marketing at Eurpac Strategic Partners will speak on the “Dynamic Changes in the Military Channel & Keys to Success”. He will explore the potential impact that a growing active duty military may have on Military Resale.

A triple threat of ladies from InContext Solutions, Coca-Cola, and Walgreens will share “How Coke & Walgreens Leveraged VR to Visualize and Evaluate Store Resets”. You’ll learn how they leveraged VR to work faster, visualize new ideas and gain better insights all before investing in any physical store changes—mitigating risk and improving collaboration and communication between merchant, vendor and space management teams.

There is no question that the 2018 CMA Conference “Breakout Bunch” will provide valuable takeaways for every attendee.
Not convinced? Check out our keynote and breakout speakers to see what’s in store. If you are already registered, we are excited for you to utilize the conference app to discover which session is best fit for you- and if you are bringing a team, make sure you split up to maximize your exposure to the content!

We are no Brady Bunch, but we come close. We may not be a cornerstone of popular culture, but we are a cornerstone of category management and shopper insights content and education.

We are working to define the standard in the industry, would you join us?