Robin Alex

Group Head Insights Strategy Shopper at Mondelez

Training Session

Robin is calling his presentation, “Strategic Problem Framing.” The session will detail the process of structured problem solving. The conversation will immerse attendees in experiences to solve the right problems, develop better solutions, and to land ono the same page. The provided framework will help people transform their solutions into impactful selling stories and presentations.

Flora Delaney

President of Delaney Consulting

Training Session

A review of how Space Planning decisions are interlinked with Category Management.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand how category strategies, roles and intent drive space decisions and why that is important.
  • Become better at understanding how space and location decisions can support a retailer’s category goals – and know how to rationalize those decisions to other people.
  • Understand how space impacts and is impacted by other areas of retail.

Dave Roycroft

Director of Training, Xerxes Global

Training Session

Dave Roycroft will present, “Next Generation Learning – The Science, Art, and Sense Behind Meaningful Learning.” This session will compel an audience to recognize the natural manner in which we retain information and demonstrate how to amplify these abilities. The techniques spoken to will reveal how training for ARC will evolve in 2022, engaging category management professionals and merging the intersection of memory and experience in a brand new way.