Company: Nuqleous®
Name: Andy Nielsen
Current Position: Director of Business Development
Tenure With Current Company: 3 years
Years of Industry Experience: 17 years

What would you like our conference attendees to know about your brand/company?

Founded in 2013, Nuqleous is a pioneering developer of technologies that enable retailers and consumer product companies to operate with enhanced agility and efficiency.  At our core, we develop retail space planning and performance analytics software to drive supplier success at the world’s largest retailers. We partner with many of the most well-known consumer goods companies in the world empowering them to build trust with their customers.

Growth-focused retailers and consumer product companies rely on automation and accurate, accessible data. Our innovative software delivers faster results with a higher degree of accuracy, freeing teams to focus on strategic initiatives and value-added activities.  Driven by relevant and timely retail industry challenges, we collaborate with our customers on the smart evolution of our products.  Simply said, we are passionate about helping forge the future of retail.

Nuqleous currently offers two software solutions for category management professionals, Shelf IQ and Spotlight.

Shelf IQ ®
Shelf IQ enables teams to build more accurate planograms faster with less effort.  It is a simple-to-use, no-code solution that automates space planning activities with end-to-end capabilities. 

Spotlight automates retail analytics processes and delivers ready-to-go, ready-to-share insights for faster, more reliable action.  It produces visually rich analytic reports from a single source of truth.

What does Activating Insights for a Dynamic Future mean to your company?

The current retail industry is facing unprecedented pressure from new shopping habits, technology advancements, supply chain disruptions, global conflicts, pandemic long tail, and the list goes on.  As a result, today’s category management professionals require agile and dynamic tools to minimally address but ideally stay ahead of everyday market challenges.

Today’s marketplace produces so much data it often leads to analysis paralysis and, worst case, misguided decisions. Teams often spend most of their time collecting, cleansing, and integrating data, leaving little time to analyze, identify root causes, and take accurate action at scale.

Our solution, Spotlight, automatically collects, harmonizes, and quality assures data daily so professionals can focus on value-added work.  With timely, convenient access to a single source of data, identifying business critical insights becomes easier enabling quick communication and actions.

Challenging market dynamics and the need for quick actions also apply to space planning.  With our solution Shelf IQ, data and merchandising rules are seamlessly incorporated into planograms. Shelf IQ automates the heavy lift of managing planograms enabling users to make accurate changes with agility at scale.

What is the most impactful retail insight you have observed over the past year, and how have you helped suppliers and retailers activate against it?

Industry supply chains are struggling. Out-of-stocks are creating a retail state of emergency, resulting in lost sales, cut skus and a degraded customer experience. To combat these challenges, retailers are forced to take action at shelf with unprecedented frequency, now becoming a common practice. What’s more, suppliers are struggling to respond to these retailer requests in a timely manner.

Fortunately, with our solutions, our customers overcome supply chain impacts efficiently and accurately. Our solutions give our customers’ visibility and agility to take action quickly and with confidence in an ever-changing retail landscape.

Bottom line: Analytics and space planning automation solutions exist to help gain visibility, detect risks and react quickly, in turn minimizing impacts and strengthening your guard. Without it, struggles persist.

What current retail and consumer trends do you feel people should be paying particular attention to right now?

Professionals in category management should watch for signals of an economic recession and, of course, continued inflation, all while trying to navigate and serve a continuously evolving omni-channel shopper.  These dynamics will continue to influence growth strategies ranging from total store navigation and assortment to supply chain and item pricing. As a result, leveraging technology solutions and services to address real-time challenges and anticipate future market volatility at scale will be mission critical.

What kind of solutions will you be showcasing at the 2023 CMA|SIMA Conference?

Nuqleous currently offers two solutions tailored for category management professionals: Shelf IQ and Spotlight.

Shelf IQ is a simple-to-use, no-code solution that automates and accelerates space planning activities. We help our customers create more accurate planograms, faster, with fewer resources. Shelf IQ automates the most repetitive aspects of planogram development, like updating data and assortment on 1000’s of planograms quickly and accurately. Shelf IQ allows users to manage, update, and validate all planograms with one process, saving time and resources, allowing our customers to invest in other high-value activities.

  • Take action on planograms interactively with automation.
  • Apply changes to thousands of planograms in seconds.
  • Generate planograms to meet your strategy.
  • Load and extract data from thousands of planograms in minutes.
  • Use workflows to easily customize planogram actions.
  • Evaluate planogram performance and changes.

Through automation of data collection, harmonization of retailer and supplier performance data, and delivery of customer-ready visualization and reporting, Spotlight Retail Analytics helps our customers efficiently analyze business performance, take action by understanding the “why” and communicate compelling stories. With Spotlight, we are also investing in machine learning capabilities to help drive smarter decisions for our customers and help them act proactively to fix issues before they become lost sales opportunities.

  • Hands-off daily data management.
  • Build custom reporting in seconds.
  • Best-in-class pre-built content.
  • Automated email communication to key stakeholders.
  • Prioritize action with exception-driven reporting and alerts.
  • Integrate your category planogram data.

One of our most exciting developments integrates Shelf IQ and Spotlight so category management and advisor customers can perform enhanced analytics on category, space, and shelf performance. Our goal is to enable customers to drive significant strategic value with their retailer partner at all stages of category management and space planning lifecycles.  Shelf IQ + Spotlight makes this possible.