Show It Off

Show off your latest innovations at the CMA| SIMA
2023 Annual Conference In Las Vegas, Nevada
from February 27th to March 1st

Experience center

Experience Center

2023 Technology Expo Floor Plan

BREAKUP YOUR DAY by stopping by the all new Experience Center located right inside the Tech Expo Hall next to the ARC booth and stage, featuring fun and interactive retail technology.

ReadySet VR will be showcasing their immersive 3D VR software solution for product manufacturers, retailers, and researchers who need a better, faster way to design, test, and implement retail solutions. Come create your VR store at conference!

Digimarc will be showcasing their dynamic consumer engagement platform solution, Digimarc Engage. Take the opportunity to scan products and locate their digital twins. This digital representation of a product can unlock nuanced insights while triggering automation to boost efficiencies.

ChaseDesign will have large pillar visuals of some of their category reinvention projects. Explore how they test and prove their approach in a high fidelity, interactive, virtual store walk-through with their preferred partners StoreLabs, a world leader in virtual reality research and visualization.

Lastly, the CMA | SIMA has partnered with Vegas Pet Rescue Project to welcome furry friends to the conference and bring awareness to its great cause. Take a break, network with fellow attendees, and enjoy interacting with puppies that are open for adoption!

Digimarc Experience Center
Experience Center - ChaseDesign