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Workshop – Think Different:

Do you ever wonder why most of your best ideas come to you in the shower? Have you ever pitched a new idea to watch it diluted or killed as it moves through the process? Ever wanted to know how Walt Disney came up with the idea for a Disneyland, how Pixar comes up with such great storylines? Or perhaps found yourself amazed at how some companies leverage killer insights that enable them to develop whole new categories. Building on 25 years of experience with the Walt Disney Company, most recently as Head of Innovation and Creativity, Duncan Wardle leads an engaging workshop that will not only answer these questions but leave participants with a new set of tools to take on their challenges in new and different ways that deliver tangible results.


The audience will learn:

  1. How to transfer “my idea” into “our idea” and accelerate its opportunity to get done.
  2. How to develop a full idea in under 5 minutes.
  3. How to find insights for innovation by looking where your competitors are.
  4. A series of Creative Behaviors (the being of innovation) that they can use to transform their workplace culture.
  5. Three Lateral Thinking Innovation tools (the doing of innovation) to help them and their teams Think Different and innovate.
  6. Two case studies about how Disney uses the Creative Behaviors and innovation Tools to create major new breakthroughs for innovation.

Tools for high impact storytelling

Why is storytelling so important? Because it’s in our DNA. Storytelling is a tool as old as mankind itself, having been used by humans for ages to share our biggest, brightest, and most important ideas. As such, we naturally respond to the power of story.

And for brands that tell the right story to the right group of consumers – a story that clearly identifies their purpose – it’s a way to build an incredible bond. One that, if nurtured correctly, can last for life.

To succeed in this fast-paced, ultra-competitive market, your business must become a storyteller. Because the brands that choose to tell a great story about a great purpose are the brands that win.

What story is your business going to tell believe that everyone is Creative. I also believe that the ability to think Creatively is the one core human truth that will remain relevant in the brave new world of Artificial Intelligence.

Leaning on 25 years with the Walt Disney Company, most recently as Head of Innovation & Creativity, I am now on a mission to prove that everyone is creative, by designing a tangible innovation tool kit that normal people can use to “Think Different;” to solve real challenges back in the marketplace.

Duncan Wardle
Innovation Speaker

Developing Data Visualization Skills for Improved Storytelling

Data visualization is one of the skills required for the development of better fact-based presentations and storytelling. It’s where art and science meet in category management and shopper insights – the data and analytics are the science, and it needs to work together with the visuals (or art) for great storytelling. Join Sue Nicholls in this session to build your skills in data visualization and move from default graphs and diagrams and bullet points to diagrams, charts and visual metaphors that illustrate relationships and clarify concepts to reinforce your presentation points.

Trends Analysis: uncover ways to find and understand trends in your business for growth opportunities.

Identifying market trends is largely about keeping your ear to the floor and looking for approaching shifts of direction in global drivers and megatrends that then affect your industry / market / category / shopper. Sue Nicholls will walk you through ways to identify business trends using historical data, but will then focus on some drivers and megatrends (the bigger picture perspective) that gives much more meaning and significance to the trends you need to understand to identify business opportunities.

Sue Nicholls