A la Carte Sponsorships

We offer several high-visibility A La Carte Sponsorship opportunities to get your brand in front of CMA|SIMA Conference attendees. From sponsoring Conference events to bags and badges, we provide flexible options to keep your brand top of mind.


$10,000 - Qty 1

This grand spotlight will shine bright, not just for a fleeting moment, but throughout the three days of the conference.

  • Grand spotlight of your logo in the atrium center.
  • Visible from restaurants and bar.
  • Atrium is the main gathering area of the hotel.
  • Spotlight shines across the 3 days of conference.

$4,000 - Qty 1

With six elevator doors and floor clings to match, you’ll have an entire stage to showcase your brand.

  • Branding across six elevator doors.
  • Branded floor clings in front of each of the 6 elevators.
  • Guests will be greeted by your brand day in and day out as they experience the conference and hotel amenities.

$4,000 - Qty 1

Elevate your brand with stunning elevator door branding and floor clings in the Atrium Level, welcoming guests to exciting happy hours, meetups, and networking events.

  • Branding on six elevator doors.
  • Eye-catching floor clings for each elevator.
  • Atrium Level greets guests, sparking connections.
  • Elevate exposure during meetups & happy hours.

$6,500 - Qty 1

Seize the opportunity to elevate your brand’s visibility across 27 floors of the prestigious hotel and capture the attention of guests and visitors.

  • Prominent logo and messaging on all 27 floors.
  • Capture attention of guests and visitors.
  • Elevate brand exposure to new heights.
  • Make a lasting impression on a prestigious stage.

$3,000 - Qty 21

Ignite the Expo Hall with Your Brilliance! Transform one of the 21 dynamic columns into an immersive canvas for your mesmerizing branding – a sight that’s bound to turn heads and stir conversations.

  • Claim one of 21 spotlight-stealing spots where every single attendee is destined to tread
  • Ensures your brand enjoys countless moments of exposure throughout the day.
  • Listed as special sponsor on the website.

$3,000 - Qty 9

Unleash your brand’s magnetic charm by wrapping a column right at the heart of the action – the lobby, home to the pulse-pounding General Session, the vibrant Connections Cafe, and the transformative Breakout rooms.

  • Command the spotlight in a prime, high-traffic zone where attendees naturally gravitate, ensuring your brand claims its place in their memories with each passing visit.
  • The epicenter of the General Session, Connections Cafe, and all the electrifying Breakout sessions.
  • Listed as special sponsor on the website.

$3,000 - Qty 1

Project your logo and illuminate the dazzling lobby fountain with your vibrant branding.

  • Project your logo and corporate colors on the lobby fountain.
  • Illuminate the fountain to create a mesmerizing ambiance.
  • Enhance your brand’s impact with a display on the fountain ledge.
  • Make an unforgettable statement that leaves a lasting impression.

$10,000 - Qty 1

Maximize your brand’s visibility with our exclusive sponsorship opportunity, featuring your message on attendees’ keycards and packets!

  • Put your brand in every guest’s hand with your logo printed on hotel key cards.
  • Your logo will splash the individual folders distributed to each attendee and used throughout conference to stay organized.

$5,000 - Qty 3

Seize the spotlight and captivate every attendee with our exclusive sponsorship opportunity that blankets the seating area of the general session, placing your impactful flyer on each chair for unrivaled brand exposure.

  • Blanket the general session seating area with your impactful flyer.
  • One flyer per seat.
  • Captivate the attention of each attendee in one place.


Embrace the Exclusivity and step into your Private Meeting Haven!

  • Private meeting room for up to 12 people
  • Monitor with HDMI hookup cable
  • Water Station
  • Attendee list opening day of the show

$20,000 - Qty 1

Amplify your brand’s presence at one of the most popular events from conference that elevates Women in the industry.

  • Entrance and tabletop signage.
  • Delight attendees with branded candies to leave a sweet impression.
  • Exclusive exposure through a special sponsor announcement in the program and mobile app.
  • Captivate guests with branded centerpieces adorning tables.
  • Prominently display your brand on the large screen during key moments.
  • Extend your reach and visibility with dedicated promotion on the conference app.

$5,000 - Qty 1

Let the Celebration Begin as the Spectacular Welcome Reception Host!

  • Welcome Early Arrivals with Style
  • Custom Cocktail Napkins & Signature Cocktail with bar signage
  • Recognized as a Special Sponsor on the Website

$5,000 - Qty 1

Elevate Your Brand in Every Direction: Embrace the 360-Degree Branding of our Center Lounge Sponsorship.

  • Branded Tabletop signage
  • Custom throw pillows with your logo and tagline
  • Sponsor announcement in the conference program & app
  • Recognized as special sponsor on the website

$12,000 - Qty 1

Brand Ambassadors in Action:
Branded badges and lanyards turn attendees into walking advocates, sparking curiosity with every interaction.

  • Exclusive opportunity!
  • Logo printed on the front & back of every badge
  • Your logo will also appear on each lanyard
  • Recognized as special sponsor on the website

$2,000 - Qty 1

Where Connections Blossom: As attendees network, socialize, dine, and strategize, your brand will be right there, fostering meaningful connections.

  • Your Logo on all Conference dining tables in the expo hall
  • Networking, Meals, and Meetings – All With Your Brand front and center.
  • Recognized as a Special Sponsor on the website


Seize the Digital Spotlight: Ignite the Conference with Sponsored Push Notifications!

  • Elevate Your Brand with Sponsored Push Notifications!
  • Connect with 98% of All Conference Attendees through Our App
  • Promote Your Booth, Tech Talk, or IP Session in Real-Time
  • Recognition as a Special Sponsor on the Website

$12,000 exclusive or $,4500 shared (3 opportunities)

Imagine Your Logo… Bold, Brilliant, and Impossible to Miss!

  • Your Brand on Every Attendee’s Welcome Bag.
  • Co-Branded with the CMA|SIMA Annual Conference Logo.
  • Gifted to Each Attendee Upon Registration
  • Exclusive Sponsorship – Only one available!
  • Listed as special sponsor on the website

$1,000 - Qty 1

Step into the limelight with our exclusive Welcome Bag Collateral Insert Sponsorship.

  • Welcome bags for all 950+ attendees
  • Full/half-page, double-sided, full-color ad insert
  • You handle printing and shipping
  • Recognition as a Special Sponsor on the Website

FREE, just pay for the shipping to get it to us!

Unleash the Power of Surprise: Showcase Your Products to 950+ Thrilled Attendees!

  • Just send us your product, and we’ll take it from there!
  • Your product will be thoughtfully placed in the welcome bags.
  • Recognition as a Special Sponsor on the Website

$650 for 3

Command Attention Everywhere: Expo Hall Floor Clings

  • Eye-catching 24″ round stickers/clings strategically placed in high traffic areas.
  • Includes Logo, booth number and brand messaging
  • Recognition as a Special Sponsor on the Website

$8,000 - Qty 1

Step into the Ultimate Networking Oasis: The Connections Café!

  • Heavily branded with ropes, banners, and tabletop signage
  • Prominent presence in the program, mobile app, and social media
  • Recognition as a Special Sponsor on the Website
  • Brand treats available in the Connections Café at all times (if provided by sponsor)

$3,000 - Qty 1

Get ready for our mouthwatering sponsorship: The Bacon Bonanza!

  • Acknowledged on each mornings breakfast buffet
  • Recognition as a Special Sponsor on the Website
  • Announced as the sponsor on app breakfast push notifications

$5,000 - Qty 1

Make a lasting impression on conference attendees with this exclusive and unforgettable reception, setting the stage for your brand as it takes center stage during the kickstart of the event.

  • Personalized invitation through the conference app.
  • Eye-catching signage on the bar for prominent visibility.
  • Custom cocktail napkins featuring your sponsor logo.
  • Special sponsor announcement in the conference program.
  • Opportunity to create a signature cocktail named after your brand.
  • Prominent recognition as a special sponsor on the conference website.

$5,000 - Qty 3

Attendees can meet and greet over fun cocktails inside your Pop-Up bar as they make their way through the Expo Hall.

  • Featured logo placement on the website and Mobile App
  • App push notification announcing the Pop Up Bar sponsors/locations of the bars.
  • 1 custom ad placement with your company logo or Sizzle Reel on digital signs placed in the hotel. Your ad will show 30+ times per day Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

$70,000 - Qty 1

Unleash the Night of a Lifetime: Be the Star of the Late Night Party!

  • Signature Cocktail, Bar Signage & custom napkins
  • Branded Wristbands and Special Branding Opportunities (lounge furniture, centerpieces, and more)
  • 3 Registrations (Gold+ discount on additional registrations)
  • Welcome Bag Insert & Promo Item, plus Attendee List 1 Week in Advance
  • Recognized as Special Sponsor on the Website

$20,000 - Qty 4

Seize this shared opportunity and create a night that attendees will talk about long after the event is over.

Opportunities include:
  • Beverage, Food, Music or Entertainment sponsorships
  • Wristband Sponsorship
  • For details, contact James Jackson
Each sponsorship include:
  • 2 registrations (Gold+ discount on additional registrations)
  • Welcome bag insert & promo item
  • Attendee list 1 week in advance of conference
  • Recognized as special sponsor on the website