Sponsor Spotlight Q&A: NAILBITER

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Amishi Takalkar


What would you like our conference attendees to know about your brand/company?

NAILBITER is a global leader in the application of behavioral insights for market research. We leverage cutting-edge videometrics and augmented reality technologies to capture and convert real shopping behavior into actionable metrics. We’re proud to have a majority of the top 20 global CPG companies as customers and have steadily climbed the ranks of the GRIT Top50 Most Innovative Market Research Suppliers lists. Last year, as CEO, I was recognized on the 2023 Global Insight250 list for leading innovation in our industry.

Our theme this year is ‘Trailblazing Retail’s Bold Future.’ What is the one thing you are most excited about as you think about the next 2-3 years in retail?

Looking ahead at the retail landscape, the fusion of technology and consumer experience is particularly exciting. The potential for augmented reality and virtual try-ons, especially in the beauty industry, to enhance the way consumers interact with products is transformative. This not only streamlines the decision-making process but also enriches the shopping experience with a touch of personalization and fun.

Moreover, the anticipated advancements in sustainable packaging and eco-friendly product lines align with the growing consumer desire for ethical consumption. This is particularly poignant in beauty retail, where there is a significant opportunity to lead with innovation in both product formulation and presentation.

Lastly, the expansion of hyper-personalization through data analytics promises a more curated approach to retail. It’s thrilling to think of how this will empower brands to create products and experiences that truly resonate with individual consumer needs and values, further bridging the gap between personal care and technology.

What does Trailblazing Retail’s Bold Future mean to your company?

For NAILBITER, this means pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities in leveraging behavioral data for insights. We’re committed to continuous improvement and innovation, as evidenced by our climb in the GRIT rankings. We’re eager to play a major part in shaping retail’s bold future by making behavioral research scalable and driving change in the market research industry.

What current retail and consumer trends do you feel people should be paying particular attention to right now?

In 2024, retail and consumer trends are shifting away from traditional marketing towards building engaged communities, with creators and influencers playing a pivotal role in brand promotion and product discovery. Creator commerce is reshaping the retail landscape, leading to more personalized shopping experiences and stronger consumer-brand connections.

The acceleration of online shopping has given rise to increased demand for delivery services, curbside pickup, and convenient store formats. Strengthening customer experiences in physical stores is a priority, involving immersive in-store experiences, personalized service, and technology integration.

Consumers are placing emphasis on brands with robust environmental and social responsibility practices, opting for products promoting personal and planetary health, such as organic and plant-based alternatives.

Our partners in beauty should be paying attention to the dominance of drugstore brands, advanced hair and body care routines, and a surge in ultra-luxe and ‘skin longevity’ products. The influence of AI and viral trends are reshaping beauty ideals, while sustainability remains a core consumer expectation.

In response to ongoing budget-consciousness, price-value alignment is vital. With beauty tech advancements and a focus on eco-friendly practices, the makeup industry is set to merge innovation with environmental responsibility, shaping the consumer experience and brand strategies alike.

What kind of solutions will you be showcasing at the 2024 CMA|SIMA Conference?

At the 2024 CMA|SIMA Conference, we’re excited to showcase our latest shopper research products. We will demonstrate our augmented reality applications and our quantitative behavioral approach for innovation testing. We’re also keen to share case studies of how our videometrics platform has helped global brands and retailers pioneer groundbreaking approaches to traditional pack testing. We hope to inspire attendees with the potential of AR and videometrics for the future of retail.