Sponsor Spotlight Q&A: Nuqleous

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Jack Mitchell

Director of Growth Strategy

What would you like our conference attendees to know about your brand/company?

For over 10 years we’ve built products to meet the diverse needs of CPG companies and retailers. Our mission is simple: help forge the future of retail and improve our customers’ lives. Our products are designed to help our customers foster trust with stakeholders, enhance agility, and improve efficiency, especially when the retail industry is changing so rapidly.

Our products:

  • Shelf IQ® is our no-code solution that helps category teams take charge of planogram development by streamlining the entire planogram process. Shelf IQ automates the repetitive tasks, enabling category teams to create more accurate planograms quickly and with fewer resources freeing up time to focus on higher-level business problems.
  • Spotlight is our retail analytics platform that automates the extraction and cleansing of all the data from multiple data sources, such as Walmart Luminate and Nielsen IQ, and gain valuable insights to drive action across the most critical areas. We provide on-demand access to real-time intelligence, clear visuals and actionable insights.

Our theme this year is ‘Trailblazing Retail’s Bold Future.’ What is the one thing you are most excited about as you think about the next 2-3 years in retail?

There’s so much to be excited about, but if I have to pick one thing, it’s the power of unified data. Imagine integrating all your retail data from different sources into a single source of truth. In the next few years, we see this integration becoming crucial for smart, informed retail decisions.

Currently, companies are dealing with scattered bits and pieces of data, like trying to solve a puzzle with half the pieces missing. Think about having a complete picture – that’s we’re we are heading with Spotlight. It’s more than just an analytics tool. It’s about bringing all those scattered data points into one place, making it easier for teams to gain insights and make faster, better-informed decisions.

What does Trailblazing Retail’s Bold Future mean to your company?

For us at Nuqleous, ‘Trailblazing Retail’s Bold Future’ isn’t just a theme; it’s a reflection of our core mission: to help forge the future of retail and improve our customers’ lives. By partnering with our customers, we bring innovation and evolve our solutions to navigate the challenges and shifts in retail industry together. With our tools, Spotlight and Shelf IQ, retail professionals won’t just keep up with the changes; they’ll lead them. They’re equipped to not just survive but thrive in this bold, dynamic future we’re heading towards.

What current retail and consumer trends do you feel people should be paying particular attention to right now?

It’s a dynamic time in retail, with trends evolving faster than ever. Key things we’re watching? Changes in shopping habits, advancements in technology, and the ongoing challenges in supply chains. These aren’t just trends; they’re realities that are reshaping how retail works and how companies respond. For category management professionals, this means needing tools that are as agile as the market itself. You need to manage and interpret complex data sets swiftly to stay ahead. That’s where our retail analytics solution, Spotlight, comes into play. It’s not just about collecting data; it’s about harmonizing it, ensuring its quality, and making it accessible while working all in one place. This means professionals can focus on what’s valuable, identify critical insights quickly, and act promptly.

Space planning is another area facing rapid changes. We’re moving towards shorter planning cycles, more frequent ‘micro resets,’ and a growing need for store-specific planograms. It’s a challenge, but also an opportunity for enhanced agility. Shelf IQ is designed to make this daunting task manageable. It automates the heavy lifting of incorporating data and merchandising rules into planograms, enabling users to create accurate, efficient planograms at scale.

What kind of solutions will you be showcasing at the 2024 CMA|SIMA Conference?

Nuqleous has two solutions tailored for category management professionals: Shelf IQ and Spotlight.

Shelf IQ is a simple-to-use, no-code solution that streamlines the entire planogram process. We help our customers create more accurate planograms, faster, with fewer resources. How? By automating the repetitive tasks, enabling our customers to create more accurate planograms quickly and with fewer resources. It’s not just about saving time; it’s about enhancing accuracy and allowing our teams to focus on more strategic tasks. With Shelf IQ, you can update and validate all your planograms in one efficient process, apply changes to thousands in seconds, and customize planogram actions with ease. It’s about giving power back to the category managers.

Then there’s Spotlight, our retail analytics platform. Imagine having all your retail data collected, harmonized, and turned into actionable insights – that’s what Spotlight does. It takes data from various sources, manages it daily, and delivers insights that are not only valuable but also visually compelling. With advanced reporting capabilities and best-in-class content, Spotlight is about elevating your retail analytics to a whole new level.

One of our most exciting developments integrates Shelf IQ and Spotlight. This integration allows category management and advisor professionals to perform enhanced analytics on category, space, and shelf performance. It’s a comprehensive approach that enables our customers to drive strategic value at every stage of category management and space planning.  We’re not just showcasing tools; we’re showcasing a future of smarter, more efficient retail strategy.