Workshop Speakers

In addition to the prepared keynote and breakout presentations, this year’s conference will feature all-new interactive workshops led by industry experts for attendees to get ‘hands-on’ with data, shopper insights, shelving, and more. These immersive workshops will allow practitioners to work through real case studies with actual data and insights and have an interactive discussion with their peers. Each 1.5-hour workshop will include an expert facilitator, breakout work time, and collaborative presentation.

Space Planning workshop icon

Space Planning Metrics & Insights

The culmination of your category plans converge into “tactics.” But sometimes that just feels like meeting the demands of the planogramming team. This session will provide you with new tools for collaborating with your space planning resources. Whether internal or external, gain new skills to show up ready to achieve your category goals with partnership and buy in. Learn how to create the 2-way street where you get as much as you give.  

Activating an Omnichannel CDT

This session will explore how CDTs (Category Decision Trees) are used today particularly in an omnichannel environment where decisions can be made very differently in brick and mortar stores vs. online for any given category. Participants will work through some mock CDTs and apply the findings to real-life retail scenarios. Leave feeling well equipped to approach future CDT projects and refreshed on what value they bring to the category management process.