Gaining A Foothold

3 Pre-Pandemic Trends That May Be Shaping the Post-Pandemic Future The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped our reality. This is especially true in retail, where an entirely new set of rules seemed to go into effect in March and April. Looking back to 2019 and early 2020, the wheels were turning on several trends. For some, the coronavirus pumped the breaks. For others, it punched the accelerator. Hard. E-commerce and online grocery orders in particular have
How We’re Laying the Foundation of the Future for the CMA. Retail is in a state of rapid and continuous evolution. The ways in which consumers are buying are evolving. The channels through which we are able to sell and deliver goods are evolving. And for our industry, the ways in which we measure and understand shopper behavior are evolving. Therefore, it only makes sense for the CMA to evolve, as well. How do we
Is Target’s Latest Move A Key Moment for Post-COVID-19 Retail? Category Management Association · CMA Podcast 6-09-20 – Experiential Retail: From In-Store To Instagram In March of 2019, Instagram began rolling out a closed beta test of Instagram Checkout, a new service that would allow brands to sell their goods without users having to leave the Instagram app. While the app has allowed brands to link to their own eCommerce sites outside of the app

Stepping Up in a Time of Need

CMA Members Lend Innovative Support in the COVID-19 Crisis. We are facing strange and difficult times around the world right now, as people try to sort their way through the Coronavirus pandemic. But in this darkness, we’ve also seen encouraging signs of light. People are stepping up. Banding together in ways we rarely have. Many companies have put aside profits and shifted their production lines to produce face masks and hand sanitizer. Others are donating

Hop on the Training Train

3 Reasons Why You Should Start Training for Your Next Certification Now. The current COVID-19 Pandemic has left a lot of us quarantined to our homes. For many of us this means projects have been put on hold or even cancelled due to logistics and cost-cutting measures. So, you might be finding yourself with a little extra time on your hands. Now is the perfect time to turn that extra opening in your schedule into