Navigating Inflation with Your Shoppers: A “Must” for Category Managers April 9, 2024 By Phil Lempert, SupermarketGuru, Consumer Trend Tracker, Food Trends Editor, NBC’s Today, and Author Inflation has always been a key concern for both retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies, but since the pandemic with record high food inflation (almost 22%) the concern has been exacerbated. Fluctuations in prices can significantly impact consumer behavior, demand, and ultimately, your company’s bottom line. With
Why ARC’s Elevate Data 2024 Summit Has Something for Every Retailer & CPG — And Every Budget April 3, 2024 By The Association for Retail and Consumer Professionals (ARC) At the end of April 2024, something big is happening in Orlando, Florida: the first-ever Elevate Data Summit. It’s not just any event; it’s where the worlds of retail, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), data science, and tech come together to dive deep into the buzz around
Name: Martina Rodriguez Title: Senior Category Manager Company: Tropicana Certification Obtained: CPSA Q: How long have you or your company been involved with the CMA? A: I have worked for several companies over the last 14+ years that have been involved with the CMA – Kellogg, Walgreens, and PepsiCo. The CMA provides category leaders with the tools and resources to stay up to date on the latest industry trends and best practices. I look forward
Researchers Must Guard Against Assumptions March 26, 2024 By Russ Onish, President, Vista Grande Based on our collective experience conducting thousands of market research studies worldwide for consumer goods companies in all shapes and sizes, we want to call to your attention three biases we occasionally encounter that we recommend you avoid.  Here are three biases to avoid: Getting trapped in your bubble. Perpetuating potentially sexist stereotypes. Disrespecting your elders. Here’s a closer look at
Can Retailers Overcome Self-Checkout & Online Shopping to Keep Impulse Shopping Strong? March 20, 2024 By Mike Wilkening, Communications Manager, ARC (CMA | SIMA) Think back for a second. When was your first impulse purchase? Here’s our guess: you were just old enough to walk, and you were with your mom, dad, or other loved one at the grocery store. When it was time to check out, you saw a rack of candy. You saw