New “Learning Lab” Kicks Off the Conference with Education

by Dave Hanson

Getting up to speed on the latest trends and best practices is a critical part of the job for anyone in the Shopper Insights or Category Management fields. The grocery industry is constantly evolving, and our careers along with it.

With the Category Management and Shopper Insights Management Associations’ joint Annual Conference (CMA/SIMA) just a week away (February 25-27 in Las Vegas, NV), now is a good time to focus on one of the most important parts of the conference: continuing education and training.

This year, the group from CMA/SIMA has introduced an all-new “Learning Lab” for the conference, which will host a multitude of training sessions. The show kicks off with a number of huge workshops and training sessions by Trend Hunter Senior Research Manager Ady Floyd and Sue Nicholls, President of CMKG (Category Management Knowledge Group). If you’re going to the show, be sure and check out these can’t-miss training sessions and workshops:

Retail Disruption: Workshop

Presenter: Ady Floyd – Senior Research Manager, Trend Hunter

This workshop is designed to help participants anticipate upcoming threats to their businesses, identify strengths and weaknesses, and become better prepared for the next 3–5 years in their industry. Participants work within groups to imagine what would happen if the iconic companies of our time decided to enter into their industry. From there, they learn to anticipate threats, think of their business more critically and implement idea filtration.

Connecting the Fundamental Elements for a Strategic Shopper Insights Framework

Presenter: Sue Nicholls – President & Founder, CMKG

Co-presented by the President of the newly formed SIMA (Shopper Insights Management Association) Leslie Warshaw, this session will provide participants with an understanding of the key elements required for successful shopper insights and will also introduce participants to a new SIMA shopper insights framework.

Identifying Growth Opportunities in Your Business Through Data Insights

Presenter: Sue Nicholls – President & Founder, CMKG

Data is only as valuable as the insights you draw from each source, and perhaps more importantly, the data that you pull together across sources. In this session, Sue Nicholls will walk participants through an analytic pathway, give them ideas on ways to improve their analytic approach and draw more compelling insights from their analysis.

Moving to more Strategic-Based Storytelling and Presentations

Presenter: Sue Nicholls – President & Founder, CMKG

Presentation skills continue to be an area that we can all improve on, and it’s a topic that CMKG has been working on with a lot of clients through live and webinar-based training sessions. In this session, Sue Nicholls will show participants ways to draw insights and craft better stories through fact-based presentations. She will also share a great storyboarding tool to help participants develop their own compelling presentations.

The Category Management and Shopper Insights Management Associations’ joint Annual Conference will also include a number of other training sessions through the new Learning Lab, including sessions on updating your CatMan approach for 2019, mastering PowerPoint, developing soft skills, shopper insights training and much more.

If you haven’t already signed up for the conference, now’s the time. Be sure to check out the full agenda for a complete look at the many training sessions, breakouts, keynote speakers and networking events the Category Management and Shopper Insights Conference has to offer.