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The CMA | SIMA Awards program recognizes the outstanding leadership, innovation, and tireless efforts of our members to help advance and evolve the industry. The diverse accomplishments of our members are a testament to the talents and unique contributions each make to retail, and we’re excited to recognize those in front of the Category Management and Shopper Insights community in 2024.

Each award listed below indicates eligibility requirements. Nominations will not be considered if applications are incomplete. Individuals can self-nominate or nominate a peer, colleague, client, or other contact. Award recipients will be recognized at the 2024 CMA | SIMA Conference in Dallas, Feb 26 – Feb 28.

Submissions are due by Friday, January 19th.



Shopper Insight of the Year Award recognizes an individual or team that delivered the most impactful insight derived from shopper research that resulted in measurable improvement in a category or subcategory in calendar 2023. To be fully considered, the nomination must include specific details on project/scope and must be able to quantify the impact of the listed efforts.

*Recipient of this award can be an individual or team from a retailer or supplier/manufacturer.


The CMA | SIMA Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes the professional accomplishments of an individual from within the Category Management and Shopper Insights industry that has made a significant and lasting impact on the industry. This individual has demonstrated a high degree of integrity, collaboration, and leadership in helping to move the industry forward. Examples can include but are not limited to mentoring other industry members, contributing to written thought leadership, presenting at industry events, leading a team, implementing and scaling the category management and shopper insights function at an organization(s), etc. To qualify an individual must possess a minimum of 10 years of experience within Category Management or Shopper Insights.

*Consultants, Educators, Manufacturers, Retailers, Solution Providers are eligible to apply*


Recipient(s) of this award will be chosen based on engagement with the association in addition to the contributions to the industry. To qualify, the individual must have demonstrated and proven significant engagement in association activities, such as webinar attendance, committees/workgroup participation, conference presentation, etc. as well as quantifiable contributions to the industry. This could include mentoring, industry recognition within other groups, leadership roles or other areas.

*Individual recipient of this award must be a current Category Manager at a retailer or supplier/manufacturer.


The Rising Star Award celebrates the outstanding achievements and future potential of industry professionals in Category Management, Shopper Insights, and Space Planning who are in the early stages of their careers. This award honors individuals who have committed to the industry and demonstrated exceptional dedication, innovation and leadership in these critical areas of retail. Nominees may only have a maximum of 5 years of experience in their respective roles and must be currently employed in the retail or consumer goods industry. This award aims to encourage and celebrate the new talent emerging in these specific fields of the retail industry. By recognizing early career professionals who show great promise, we hope to inspire continued excellence and innovation in the years to come.

  • Provide an example of how this person has demonstrated excellence and accomplishments in their early career stages.
  • What innovative approaches, strategies, or solutions in the areas of Category Management, Shopper Insights, or Space Planning has this person demonstrated? Provide specific examples.
  • Provide examples of leadership, whether through team collaboration, project management, or mentorship.
  • Provide an example of the positive impact this individual has made on their organization, such as increased efficiency, revenue growth, or improved customer experiences.
  • How has this person demonstrated their commitment to continuous learning and professional development?


Space Planner of the Year recognizes an individual that delivered the most impactful change to macro and/or micro space that resulted in measurable improvement in a category, store, or set of stores in calendar 2023. To be fully considered, the nomination must include specific details on project/scope and must be able to quantify the impact of the listed efforts.

*Individual recipient of this award must be a current Space Planner (any level) at a retailer, supplier/manufacturer, or broker.