March 20, 2023 – causaLens, the UK-based Causal AI pioneer, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest solution, the Pricing and Promotion Optimization solution powered by Causal AI. This innovative solution enables revenue leaders to better understand the impact of pricing and promotional strategies before implementing them, resulting in an increase in revenue, profitability, and improved customer experience that leads to long-term customer relationships.

The Pricing and Promotion Optimization solution is built on causaLens’ decision-making operating system, decisionOS, which allows data scientists to deploy in-production causal models that gives revenue leaders the ability to work with causal graphs of the drivers of demand. With this tool, they can investigate the causal model directly to answer critical questions, such as how to adjust pricing and promotional strategies if competition changes, what actions to take to ensure appropriate inventory levels within promotional strategies, and what would happen if they increased promotion by 10% during last holiday season.

This solution utilizes internal data pipelines, integrated external datasets, and human domain knowledge to train causal models that can be easily interrogated by decision-makers to answer what-if and scenario-based questions and experiments. It is based on four principles: starting with meaningful data, moving beyond historical patterns, leveraging causal relationships, and making decisions with confidence.

With the help of Causal AI, revenue leaders that use this solution in their decision-making can plan more effectively, see the impact of decisions before they are made, explore macroeconomic scenarios, and leverage dynamic pricing recommendations. This tool helps balance revenue growth and profitability, resulting in efficient pricing and promotional decisions that drive value.

“We’ve rewired the development of pricing and promotional strategies, putting Causal AI into the hands of retailers, e-commerce, and consumer product brands, to stay ahead of the changing global consumer landscape and drive longer-term customer relationships,” said Jerry Stephens, General Manager, causaLens.

This launch further cements causaLen’s position as a leading provider of innovation powered by Causal AI that drives value for clients. For more information on the Pricing and Promotion Optimization solution powered by Causal AI, please visit Here.