About Certification

The Category Management Association certification designations is the recognized industry-wide standard that qualifies the skill level of individual category management professionals.  Our CMA Certification Program has been embraced by the category management industry because it resonates so well with both the retailer and manufacturing community.


Why Certify? Certification is critically important to the success of category management, especially when we consider the rapid changes occurring in our industry.  It is essential that we all speak the same language, have a common understanding of the benefits to all parties for certification and the standards are clear.

Why has the CMA Certification Program been embraced by the category management industry and why does it resonate so well with both the retailer and manufacturing community?

The reason this program has been so readily accepted is because it is the result of a collaborative effort between manufacturers, retailers, brokers and training organizations to establish and communicate the standards necessary to support the development of a more professional category management community. The certification program is a remarkable achievement, as cooperation of this type, between these communities, to the extent necessary to implement this industry-wide certification program, rarely occurs. The importance of this program is that it identifies the core skills or competencies necessary to evaluate and improve the professional capabilities of all  constituents in the category management community.

“As category management evolves, so must our people. That’s where certification can play a big role. We have chosen to certify our people because it provides a roadmap for capability development that will allow us to meet current needs and prepare us to tackle the challenges ahead.The certification is a long term investment we have made in our people and the discipline of category management”

-Mike O’Hare, VP of Category Management, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group