Empower your category management teams, drive innovation, and optimize performance with three levels of category management certification.

What is Certification

As the result of a collaborative effort between manufacturers, retailers, brokers and training organizations, The Category Management Association (CMA) has developed three industry-leading Category Management (CATMAN) certifications to establish industry benchmarks, standards, and best practices for both the retailer and manufacturing communities. These certifications act as global, industry-wide standards, identifying the skill level of all individual category management professionals.

The CMA’s certification program supports the development of a highly professional category management community by accurately reflecting the competency of each category management professional at various proficiency levels.

Note: you do NOT need to be a member of the CMA to become certified.

Three Certification Levels

Certified Professional Category Analyst (CPCA)

A Certified Professional Category Analyst possesses basic Industry knowledge, spreadsheet and presentation skills. Additionally, this level of certified professional has worked with retail POS and syndicated data, provided pricing, promotion and assortment analysis and have experience with space planning software and relational databases.

CPCA is earned first through training and objective testing. We suggest that candidates for CPCA have 1-2 years’ experience in category management before taking the exam.

  • Insights Immersion
  • Category Management Overview
  • Retailer Strategies
  • Category Definition & Segmentation
  • Category Roles
  • Category Strategies
  • Understanding and Using Data
  • Category Tactics and Analytics
  • Completing a Category Assessment
  • Category Management on Limited Data
  • Develop and Implement a Category Plan
  • Building PowerPoint and Presentation Skills
  • Building Excel Skills

CMA|SIMA Members have access to all training courses listed to prepare for the exam.

Non-Members can purchase the CPCA Training Package which includes all 13 Courses listed and 1 Practice Exam for $1,495. Contact Violeta Montes for more information: [email protected].

Certified Professional Category Manager (CPCM)

Certified Professional Category Managers are at an advanced level with all the criteria of CPCA as well as understand the ethical expectations and legal implications of category management. CPCM’s also possess experience with geo-demographic/behavioral data and can identify actionable insights. These professionals have conducted category reviews and comprehend root cause analytics, shopper behavior, retailer economics and the supply chain.

CPCM is the next certification level earned and for this designation candidates should have 3-5 years’ experience before taking the exam.

  • Building Data Competency: Panel Data
  • Building Data Competency: POS Data
  • Measuring Category Health (Baseline & Incremental Drivers)
  • Efficient Assortment: A Step-by-Step Process *
  • Pricing Strategies and Analysis Techniques
  • Promotion Analysis Techniques
  • Advanced Analytics: Relativity
  • Fact Based Selling
  • Space Management Fundamentals
  • Store Clustering Through Store Level and Geodemographic Data
  • Retailer Economics and the Product Supply Chain

CMA|SIMA Members have access to all training courses listed to prepare for the exam.

Non-Members can purchase the CPCM Training Package which includes all 11 Courses listed, 1 Practice Exam and Mini-Exams for $1,495. Contact Violeta Montes for more information: [email protected].

Certified Professional Strategic Advisor (CPSA)

Certified Professional Strategic Advisors are advanced in customer relationship management and adept at joint business planning and value creation. CPSA’s are experts in collaborative partnerships and consultative selling. As experts in understanding retailer shopper segmentation and shopper behavior, beyond their given category, they are specialists in leveraging data for advanced shelving and assortment solutions and can provide advanced pricing and promotion analysis.

CPSA is the final level of certification and candidates for this level must have 6 or more years of experience, have managed a category management team, and have been responsible for joint business planning.

  • Efficient Assortment: A Step-by-Step Process
  • Leveraging Data for Advanced Shelving Solutions
  • Understanding and Marketing to Your Shopper
  • Strategic Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic Selling
  • Collaborative Business Planning

CMA|SIMA Members have access to all training courses listed to prepare for the exam.

Interested in becoming a Member? Contact Tyler Tucker for more information at [email protected].

The three CMA Certification levels are earned sequentially, regardless of your level of expertise.

All candidates for the CPA and CPCM will be required to take and successfully pass an online, objective exam to earn a certified designation from the CMA. Candidates wishing to take the CPSA exam will be required to take an online essay exam and interview.

Fortune 500 Companies trust the CMA with their Category Management Training and Certification

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