The Category Management Association certification designations are the recognized industry-wide standards that qualify the skill level of individual category management professionals.

Our CMA Certification Program has been embraced by the category management industry because it resonates so well with both the retailer and manufacturing community.

The Three C’s of Certification

Certification provides a sense of trust in a category manager’s abilities to execute effectively on behalf of brands, retailers, or solutions. Holding an analyst, manager, or strategic advisor certification helps level-set on a professional’s skills in the category management field no matter where they are practicing the function.

Certification equips individuals with the latest tools and strategies to optimize product categories, resulting in improved profitability and market share for the companies at which it is practiced. According to a 2022 article by McKinsey & Company focused on the future of Category Management, it is noted, “In the next few years, the outperformers will gather and harness more customer and category insights and use analytics in new ways to get more from their product portfolios and to meet customers’ needs better than ever. The best category managers will build new capabilities and adopt the mindsets of P&L owners.” Companies with CMA certified category managers are in a better position to win in the evolving retail marketplace.

In the competitive job market, certification sets individuals apart from other job applicants who lack this credential. It demonstrates a commitment to continuous learning and professional development. This commitment signals to an employer that you are interested in personal and professional growth, and are up-to-date on the current concepts and best practices in the category management industry.