ChaseDesign is a leader in translating how and why people interact and transact in shopping environments, into more meaningful and persuasive retail experiences, both in-store and online. Fact based and research led, we develop the strategies and design solutions – including category reinvention and retail environments, products, digital innovations, and packaging – that deliver new growth to our CPG or Retail clients.


Using the category and aisle reinvention approach we pioneered decades ago and have been evolving ever since, we help our clients drive incremental revenue at full price with shelf-back orchestration strategies and end-to-end retail solutions. Category and aisle reinvention case study.
All of our packaging solutions take a shelf-back approach, with the shopper and full retail context in mind. So they really work where our clients need them to, which is everywhere shoppers encounter them. Packaging case study.
We drive more productive shopper behaviors by bringing the right category orchestration strategies to each retailer’s digital channels.
We create rich, story-driven experiences of all types that blend environments and exhibits with multi-sensory interactions and content to immerse and persuade audiences.