ClearCut Analytics

ClearCut’s eCommerce and Amazon sales analytics offer the earliest indicator of emerging consumer and product trends and what’s next for the CPG industry. With ahead-of-the curve and accurate insights, brands and retailers are empowered to decisively act on innovation and strategic opportunities with confidence.

In 2021, ClearCut formed a strategic partnership with SPINS. Together, they now provide the most complete omnichannel market view, or one source of truth for consumer behavior, for brands and retailers to execute a best-in-class strategy.


With ClearCut’s Market Measurement tool, instantly track category trends on Amazon by sales in aggregate or sales by the hottest product attributes. Additionally, benchmark performance across known brands, as well as emerging and digitally native brands. Brands leverage ClearCut’s Amazon data to capitalize on white space early, develop innovative products that succeed, inform marketing and assortment online, and craft compelling stories for selling into retailers. Retailers leverage ClearCut’s Amazon data to be at the forefront of consumers’ evolving demands and to strategically select products for optimizing sales on the store shelves.
Brands tap into ClearCut’s Digital Shelf Analytics to access a holistic and real-time view of their Amazon digital shelf performance at the SKU level, ensuring critical actions are taken to maximize sales and improve brand equity on the world’s largest online marketplace. Brands specifically leverage the platform to measure and track 1P & 3P sales, control out-of-stocks and suppressed Buy Boxes, optimize search rankings by following Amazon’s A9 algorithm, nimbly adjust product pricing based on elasticity analysis, and minimize MAP violations.
Fuse ClearCut’s data and analytics with deep expertise from eCommerce advisors and brand managers. From offering digital strategy to Amazon account management and MAP enforcement, ClearCut acts as an extension of a company’s team to produce lasting results in a highly competitive market.
ClearCut analyzes billions of dollars of eCommerce sales data through a proprietary technology, transforming unorganized data into clear insights for brands and retailers to make strategic decisions with confidence. With an emphasis on Amazon, ClearCut’s data is highly accurate, offers attribute-level information for deeper insights driving growth, and is one of the strongest predictors of consumer spending patterns and behaviors.
Contact: Lisa Bower
Phone Number: (414) 807-0707