Oct 18, 2021

Name: Chelsea Mann
Title: Senior Director Sales Planning and Operations
Company: Nutraceutical Corporation
Certification Obtained: CPCA

How long have you or your company been involved with the CMA?

I have been working with CMA for over two years.

Why did you decide to become certified?

I wanted to make sure I was learning what key retailers are learning to align on how we look at the business. Through the certification I was able to enhance my skill set and learn how category management works.

What was the most interesting thing you learned as you completed the training and certification?

The most interesting thing I learned from the training and certification were the Category Segmentations. This section really made me think and appreciate how the whole picture plays together. The modules did a wonderful job helping explain the different strategies and ways retailers can cater their business to their customers.

How do you feel you will use this certification in your current role?

Obtaining the certification has helped me better understand the needs of our retailers and how we can create stronger relationships together. The goal is to jointly make the best decisions for the category overall. I have been given tools and resources to help me provide better data and analytics to retailers.

What advice would you give someone considering completing the training and certification?

Do it. If you aren’t learning you aren’t growing.