Name: Lisa Price
Title: Senior Merchandising Analyst
Company: Walgreens
Certification Obtained: CPCA

How long have you or your company been involved with the CMA?

Walgreens has been actively involved with the Category Management Association for many years. Our participation in the CMA Certified Professional Category Analyst (CPCA) certification training began around three years ago and further underscores Walgreens dedication to developing their employees and leading in retail category management.

Why did you decide to become certified?

I am passionate about continuous learning and thought this would be a good challenge and opportunity to expand and solidify my knowledge base. I wanted to utilize my resources to develop my business and category knowledge so that could become more well-rounded and bring more to the table in my position.

What was the most interesting thing you learned as you completed the training and certification?

I enjoyed learning how categories are built from the ground up and top down within the retail environment. This not only helped me to solidify the information and roles from a retailer perspective but also broadened my perspective on category management from a partnering vendor’s viewpoint. This gave me a more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the entire category management process. I also enjoyed the analytical component of the course that discussed category metrics and measurement in depth.

How do you feel you will use this certification in your current role?

I have already started to apply learnings from my certification on a daily basis. It has enhanced my ability to make sure that I am looking at all perspectives and understanding other viewpoints in decision making. It has been excellent cross training in addition to my day-to-day role and has allowed me to bring more strategic ideas forward.

What advice would you give someone considering completing the training and certification?

Do it! Getting my CMA certification was a great experience and gives a good balance of information and how to apply it in real world scenarios. It brings a structured approach to category management and is a great way to gain information to put all of the pieces of the category management puzzle together.


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