Name: Susan Bugos
Title: Senior Category Management Lead
Company: Campbell’s
Certification Obtained: CPCM

 How long have you or your company been a member of the CMA?

Campbell’s has maintained a longstanding membership with the CMA for 10+ years, developing the ultimate category management and shopper insights teams.

Why did you decide to become certified?

The world of retail is continuously evolving, with Category Managers needing to be in the know about the latest in cutting-edge technology and innovative shelf solutions. Becoming certified was a great way to work towards the ultimate goal of understanding points of shopper influence, which, in turn, helps my retail customers.

What was the most interesting thing you learned as you completed the training and certification?

My favorite course was focusing on advanced analytics. I’m very intrigued by data and how to better create strategical-based solutions using all the data available. This course allowed me to take the category health assessment one level deeper. I was able to see some needs across collaborative projects that I was working on.  

How do you feel you will use this certification in your current role?

As a Category Manager, data expertise is the key that unlocks the insights required to make better decisions. Intricate data collected on shopper behavior from a range of different sources such as Nielson, IRI, SPINS and NPD, need to be translated into meaningful, insight-driven information and storytelling. With this certification I have been able to improve my industry knowledge, shape a solid foundation of capabilities and build improved collaboration with my retailers.

What advice would you give someone considering completing the training and certification?

As you gain experience in your career, think about pursuing this professional certification. This certification demonstrates your expertise in management, buyer behavior, business solutions and retail economics. Having this credential can showcase your qualifications to stand out from others in your professional field. The courses are designed in an easy-to-follow format that is very user friendly. You work at your own pace that fits your schedule. The testing is straightforward and easily relatable to real-life business situations.

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