e.fundamentals is the leading digital shelf analytics provider for CPG brands looking to analyze, measure and optimize eCommerce performance.

We turn complex data from hundreds of retailers into actionable insights that enable eCommerce teams to take fast actions to drive sales and conversion on the digital shelf.

Website: www.efundamentals.com

We audit and monitor your brand keywords on key retailer websites and provide you with actionable data and insights on how to boost your digital shelf organic and paid search rankings. You will get visibility on a category share of search comparison which will enable you to benchmark performance versus your competitors and quickly identify improvement opportunities.
We use data to identify gaps in your product content and provide you with data and insights on how to drive shopper engagement and optimize your product for the digtial shelf. Improve visibility, ensure your brand is represented correctly and product information is legally compliant to drive sales and category growth.
We monitor your digital shelf product reviews and provide you with data to optimize your digital shelf strategy and improve your brand visibility. The insights report will provide you with real time response on new products listings to ensure you deliver your brands go to market strategy effectively. Our category level data gives you the opportunity to benchmark shopper feedback versus your key competitors.
We help you maximize the efficiency of your online media across multiple retailers, categories and brands. Our banner tracking service provides performance data on creative content, on page display position, shopper visibility and competitor activity. The data will enable brands to improve media content performance and plan media spend more effectively for better ROI.