Can You Guess These 7 Independence Day Food and Beverage Facts?

People love a good Fourth of July celebration. Between food, family, friends and fireworks, 86% of Americans plan on celebrating this Independence Day.

For the food and beverage industry, it’s been a huge couple of weeks, as people stock up for the festivities. Americans will spend nearly $7 billion this year preparing meals, snacks and drinks for their Independence Day celebrations.

Do you know your Fourth of July food and beverage facts? Take the CMA Blog Independence Day quiz and find out!

What is the projected average spend per person for Fourth of July Celebrations this year?

  1. $63.25
  2. $68.88
  3. $73.33
  4. $76.01

Answer: C. $73.33. After a record high average spend of $75.35 last year, the spend per person for 2019 is expected to be down slightly, falling closer to the 2017 average of $73.42. The overall spend is projected to be down very slightly as well, totaling roughly $6.78 billion after $6.94 billion last year.

What percentage of Americans are planning a cookout or picnic for the holiday?

  1. 58%
  2. 61%
  3. 64%
  4. 67%

Answer: B. 61%. Three out of five Americans are planning to get outside and enjoy a picnic or cookout with friends or family this Independence Day. This is slightly below the 10-year average of around 64%.

What is the #1 selling meat for July 4th festivities?

  1. Pork
  2. Beef
  3. Chicken
  4. Salmon

Answer: B. Beef. Between all those all-beef hot dogs, hamburgers and steaks, beef wins this one by a landslide. With over $800 billion in sales, it’s more than double the next closest meat, chicken.

Which three states are the leading producers of beef for all those hot dogs, hamburgers and steaks?

  1. Texas, Idaho and Wisconsin
  2. Texas, Nebraska and Kansas
  3. Idaho, Iowa and Oklahoma
  4. California, Iowa and Wyoming

Answer: B. Texas, Nebraska and Kansas. Texas and Nebraska are, by far, the largest states for beef production. Fun fact, cattle outnumber people in Nebraska nearly 4-to-1, with nearly 6.8 million. Texas has almost twice as many cattle, with 13 million!

How many pounds of chicken are purchased in the week leading up to Independence Day?

  1. 550 million pounds
  2. 600 million pounds
  3. 650 million pounds
  4. 700 million pounds

Answer: D. 700 million pounds. While beef wins the day, chicken is a solid second place, nearly doubling the sales for pork. Americans love their chicken, and with more and more people looking for healthy alternatives to hot dogs and hamburgers, it’s a big holiday seller.

About how much money does America spend on wine for the 4th of July?

  1. $356 million
  2. $479 million
  3. $568 million
  4. $632 million

Answer: C. $568 million. You’ve surely heard Americans will spend over a billion dollars this Independence Day on beer, but wine is a popular option as well, with over a half billion in sales. With Washington, Oregon and California producing some of the world’s best wine, you can pay tribute to old glory with your favorite American red or white.

Which region of the United States has the highest average expected spend per person for the 4th?

  1. Northeast
  2. Midwest
  3. South
  4. West

Answer: A. Northeast. The average spend in the Northeast is expected to be around $78.40 per person. The South trails just behind, at $75.32, well ahead of the West ($71.69) and the Midwest ($66.56).

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