The Category Management Association (“CMA”) is honored to announce that Gordon Wade, formerly the Senior Vice President of Best Practices for the CMA, is being made a Director Emeritus of the Association.  In January of this year, Gordon elected to leave his position at the CMA to start his own consulting firm (Combined Consultants, LLC.) where he will have the ability to focus on broader retail and consumer packaged goods issues like e-commerce while continuing to serve his many clients.

Gordon has had a long and very distinguished career.  His important contributions and insights to the category management discipline over the last 25 years will not be forgotten.  A few of the gifts Gordon has given to the field of category management include the development of the Efficient Item Assortment process and most of the consumer-focused analytical templates still utilized in category management today.  Gordon has served scores of manufacturer clients in the development of their CatManTM platforms and has facilitated category management projects with retailers and manufacturers on every continent.

Gordon will continue to provide periodic thought leadership to the CMA in the form of white papers and other activities.  He will also continue to help guide the future developments of the CMA’s CatMan 2.0TM initiative, which he and John Drake co-led last year along with a 20-company industry committee.  CatMan 2.0TM is a comprehensive 330-page updating of the category management principles reflecting all the major data, analytics and process learnings of the last decade. The CMA will continue the work of evolving and growing the CatMan 2.XTM initiative to advance, document and share the collective industry knowledge with its members.

On behalf of our members and staff, the CMA would like to thank Gordon for his valuable contributions and wish him great success in his new venture.