3 Reasons Why You Should Start Training for Your Next Certification Now.

The current COVID-19 Pandemic has left a lot of us quarantined to our homes. For many of us this means projects have been put on hold or even cancelled due to logistics and cost-cutting measures. So, you might be finding yourself with a little extra time on your hands.

Now is the perfect time to turn that extra opening in your schedule into an opportunity. Since February of 2019, the CMA and SIMA have included training credits as a benefit of membership. Through our exclusive partnership with the Category Management Knowledge Group (CMKG), we’ve brought together training and certification in one place, making it easier than ever to take your knowledge to the next level.

You might be stuck at home, but no worries, our Online Training Portal supports all of your social distancing needs. With all of our classes available online, you can safely advance toward your next certification in the comfort of your abode.

Let’s take a look now at 3 reasons why it’s a perfect time to hit the ground running with your training credits:

  1. Free Individual Training Assessment

Not sure where to start? Our training assessment is a great benefit for companies and individuals alike. New trainees can take a free individual assessment that will determine gaps, strengths and areas for improvement. For companies, this is a great level setting exercise for the team to improve alignment and help determine a training plan for the organization. After the test is completed, you’ll receive a follow-up email with personalized analysis and recommendations for how to move forward toward your goals.

  1. Training for every level

We offer 3 programs, aligning with our category management certification standards. The CPCA (Certified Professional Category Analyst) training is a great foundational program for those who are newer to CatMan, or can serve as a level setting for newer category management teams.

The intermediate CPCM (Certified Professional Category Manager) program is a more advanced program for those with more experience in category management, which dives deeper into data and analysis. Finally, the CPSA (Certified Professional Strategic Advisor) program prepares you for the highest level of certification, delving into the most advanced, strategic levels of category management. No matter where you are in your career, we have an option for you.

  1. Tailored to Your Company’s Needs

You can also create a custom curriculum for your team, tailored to your organization’s specific needs. We offer over 60 courses in Category Management and Shopper Insights, and we are happy to work with you to analyze gaps or assess adjustments you’d like to make, and then create a custom program for your team.

We recently partnered with Walmart on such a request, providing a curriculum for both Walmart employees and vendor partners to ensure a common language and set of standards and practices as the business was evolving. With one of the industry’s biggest players advancing their standards and practices for CatMan, it’s a great time to think about doing the same for your team.

So how do you get started? Get in touch with member services to begin your training consultation. From there, you can schedule assessments, pick your training plan and get your team enrolled. Then we’re off to the races!

Have you used CMA training credits before? We’d love to hear about your experience. Sound off on social media now and join the conversation.

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