We provide a unique, in-depth perspective on what consumers see on the shelf, how this drives their purchase behavior and why. Through our proven methodology, you’ll learn how your ideas will play out in the real world—before you invest. We give clients confidence in their ideas so they can create and present winning in-store strategies, through the through the power of digital twin technology.


InContext's virtual shopper research methods save time and enable deeper insights into how shoppers behave at the shelf, and why.   How do you give new ideas a chance without big expense and risk of failure?   Different than any other data or tools available, 3D simulations help assess the impact on retail changes that don’t yet exist in the physical world. Our hyper-realistic visualization platform, ShopperMX™, combined with rigorous testing methods and proprietary AI capabilities, help teams get to category optimization that correlates at .9 or higher with in-store results. We enable teams to plan new data-backed category strategies without losing competitive advantage, and move fast enough to capitalize on trends and opportunities while still validating along the way. From quick merchandising to complex SKU rationalizations, virtual insights are tailored to your needs – with as much or little consulting and recommendations as you need.